We give our deepest condolences to the people who have passed away from the Novel Coronavirus.
And we pray deeply from our hearts for those who are infected, and whose lives are influenced by this pandemic infection will recover as soon as possible.
In this article, we would like to introduce a member in the United States, Ms. A, whose family member had miraculously recovered from the infection of the Novel Coronavirus through watching the lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity” and taking a ritual prayer, “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China” at a Happy Science local temple.

“Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China” and the lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity.”

Happy Science started conducting “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of the Novel Coronavirus Originated in China” early this year and Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity” has been widely seen not only in Japan but also overseas from February at Happy Science branches and temples.

A devotee, Ms. A living in the United States also watched this lecture early in March.

Master Ryuho Okawa in the lecture said,

・ A virus has the same “principle as possession(※)” and it has a connection with “fear.” Before the virus circulates your body, “fear” spreads first.
・ “Think bright and constructive thoughts” “Have right faith” –these mental attitudes will strengthen your immunity and can acquire the power to win against the virus.
・ Attain the power of light and spiritual power of Buddha or God.
Master has taught us many ways on how to strengthen our immunity from a religious perspective and physical perspective. Ms. A also learned the mindset of defeating the Novel Coronavirus by listening to the lecture.

A few weeks later, Ms. A experienced some challenges which these mindsets came into play.

※A Devotee… A follower of Happy Science who have devoted to the Three Treasures, which is to have devotion to Buddha, Dharma and Sanga.
※The Principle of Possession…A situation where a living human gets influenced by some kind of spirit.

“Breathlessness” -A Call from Her Mother

In order to delay the infection of COVID-19, the United States, Germany, England and also other countries started to “lockdown” (restrictions on going out/travelling) at the end of March.

At the same time, Ms. A received a call from her mother saying, “I’m having trouble breathing.”

Listening to her mother’s symptoms, she thought he mother might be infected by the virus.

Seeing her irritated with the symptoms, Ms. A strongly recommended her to go to the hospital and have it checked.

She had a bad feeling. So she decided to take “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China”(※)and immediately called the Happy Science branch and reserved the ritual prayer.

Ms. A, herself, took the ritual prayer on behalf of her mother. When she attended the prayer ceremony, she felt an immense light. And from the bottom of her heart she was convinced that her mother would be alright

She then took her mother to the hospital for the check-up but the doctor told them that it would take a day for the results. Her mother had to stay overnight in the hospital.

“Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China”……A Happy Science ritual prayer that has a strong power to protect yourself and your loved ones from the Novel Coronavirus that originated in China that is spreading worldwide.


The next morning, Ms. A received a call from the hospital.

Her mother tested “positive.”

“Despite taking the prayer…Why?” Ms. A became worried.

When she headed to the hospital, her mother’s symptoms were worse than she expected.

Her mother could only breathe a little with her own power so she had to use a ventilator to send oxygen to her lungs. She was in critical condition and had to be moved to the ward with serious case patients.

Usually, those wards are completely isolated, but at this hospital, they permitted family members to visit which meant that those patients assigned to that ward were very “close to death.”

Ms. A was convinced that her mother would be okay because of the ritual prayer, but she was shocked by her mother’s condition and she could not hold back her tears.

But Ms. A recalled what she pledged and wrote in the prayer form:

“I will throw away all the negativity that I had felt towards my mother. Please let my mother recover.”

She made up her mind to abandon any ill feelings towards her.

“My mother will definitely be okay. My prayers are heard by God. I will do anything that I can to support her.”

Ms. A recalled the blessings that she felt in the prayer ceremony, and strongly told herself to believe in that. Then, she regained her calm mind and became constructive again.

My Mother will Definitely Recover!

In the lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity,” she remembered that infections have close relation with “fear.”

・Viruses have the same principle of possession so “fear” attracts what you are scared of. Therefore, if you have the opposite mind of that, like a bright, cheerful, and constructive way of thinking, your power of immunity strengthens and will be able to cure illness.
・If the family members know this and believe this, even if the person doesn’t know how to strengthen immunity, it can also bring the strong attitude to fight against illness.
Her mother was in a critical situation.

Her doctor said,

“It may be necessary to think of more options if she continues to have difficulty breathing. For her recovery, it is important that she believes in her own power of immunity.”

Her mother was close to 70 years old, and she had asthma and diabetes, as well as feeling emotionally unstable, so her power of immunity was low and her power to fight against the virus was weak.

Ms. A then realized that her mother was seized with anxiety and fear. So she tried to encourage her mother to remove her negative feelings.

“You will recover! You are okay. Please believe in my words.”

Her mother was not a member of Happy Science,

so she handed over her own sutra, “The True Words Spoken By Buddha” (※) to protect her.

From that day, Ms. A had to refrain from visiting due to the hospital’s restrictions, however, Ms. A never stopped encouraging her mother through phone calls.

With her practice of love, her mother started to regain her calmness.

Her mother’s way of thinking changed to a strong will that, “I want to get out of the hospital as soon as I can.” Then her ability to breath on her own increased.

“My mother will definitely recover!” Ms. A’s conviction gradually deepened.

※“The True Words Spoken By Buddha” (English sutra of the fundamental teachings of Happy Science) Bestowed by Master Ryuho Okawa in English.

A Miraculous Recovery, Discharged from the Hospital

It was four days after her mother tested positive, when Ms. A received a call from the hospital.

She was told that her mother was headed to recovery and she can move back to her original ward.

And then a few days later, the doctor said, “She will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.”

Although her mother had been infected with the Coronavirus and was moved to the ward for critical condition patient, she headed to a quick recovery where she was able to be discharged from the hospital within a week or so.

A Recovery from the Novel Coronavirus and A Recovery of the Bond Between Mother and Daughter

“She recovered to a stage that she can cook by herself.” Said Ms. A on the phone, checking how she and her mother was doing.

Ms. A’s heart had been shaken when her mother had received a “positive” result but through watching “How to Strengthen Your Immunity” and taking “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China”, she was able to regain and maintain a bright and constructive mindset.

She also read Master Ryuho Okawa’s 2020 Laws series, ‘The Laws of Steel” and watched the movie, “Immortal Hero”(※) through on demand which lead her to overcome this hardship and supported her mother to have a peace of mind.

She also overcame her ill relationship with her mother and now, she is feeling closer to her mother.

Ms. A not only experienced her mother’s miraculous recovery from the Novel Coronavirus but also recovered her relationship with her mother.

※ The movie, “Immortal Hero” A true story based on Master Ryuho Okawa, screened from October, 2019 in Japan and around the world. It is a success story of Makoto Mioya, awakening to his mission as a savior and miraculously recovering from serious disease and becoming a world visionary. The movie received 37 awards from 8 different countries worldwide.

Strengthen Your Power of Immunity with Faith and Defeat the Novel Coronavirus

In Happy Science, we learn and convey the spiritual Truth based on the universal perspective that, “All humans have eternal life and we are given a chance from God to train ourselves to acquire wisdom in this world.”

Based on the right knowledge and information, it is very important to make efforts in preventing infection.

All the more, it is important not to have too much fear and always have a good will, and live a life that emits light, a heart that is willing to give love to others.

Faith in God or Buddha will strengthen the power of immunity.

We pray deeply from our hearts that many more people will awaken to the power of faith, defeat the infection of the Novel Coronavirus, and walk towards a bright, constructive, cheerful and happy life.

Learn How to Strengthen your Immunity through the Power of Faith

Please do not think that the power of faith is something unscientific.(omit) The power of faith has the power to change your future. Faith gives you courage and confidence to live, or gives you power to persevere and endure. Then, those powers will influence all the cells in your body and they will become active, and the power of immunity will become stronger.

(From ‘The Way to Definite Health’)
In Happy Science, we conduct (available to be taken remotely) “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China” and we show screenings of the lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity” and hold other events at Happy Science branches, temples, and shojas around the world.

You may also see the lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity” with English subtitle at Happy Science temples. (for Happy Science members only)

Please contact your nearest Happy Science branch.


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