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Recorded: January 31st, 2020
Available at branches, local temples, main temples

Ritual Prayer Ceremony
“Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China”
is conducted in Happy Science Temples around the world!

Nowadays, the Novel Coronavirus is spreading around the world, making people worry and panic. In Happy Science, Master Ryuho Okawa has given us a new prayer to prevent the Novel Coronavirus from spreading and to protect people from it. This ritual prayer is conducted in Happy Science Temples and branches around the world. For more information please contact your nearest branches, local temples, main temples.

Good News of recovering from the coronavirus (COVID-19)by taking ritual prayer in Nagoya Shoshinkan

I have an older sister who lives in Detroit, USA. My sister is not a member of Happy Science and she is a materialist. My sister had a fever since March 29th. She waited for hours to see a doctor, but unfortunately, she had return back to her home.
On the morning of March 31st, she fell into a serious condition and was unable to walk. She finally got the chance to see the doctor. She tested for the “Coronavirus”(COVID-19), and was diagnosed as “positive.” She was hospitalized.

Soon after receiving that news, my mother and I took “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China” at Nagoya Shoshinkan.

I wrote in the ritual prayer form, “Lord, if you can give her guidance, please save my sister through the light of the Lord,” and attended the ritual prayer ceremony.

During the ceremony, I received immense light.

The day after I took the ritual prayer, my mother gave a call to my sister. Then, surprisingly, she told us that the doctor was very shocked that within a few days, my sister had recovered from the coronavirus(COVID-19). It disappeared. She was no longer infected by the virus.

I am really thankful for the Lord. Thank you so much.

Lord, you saved my sister.

– Life-Changing Words 1 – The Limitless Power of Faith, And the Miracles to Cure Illnesses

Your environment,
Personality and future will change
If you transform your mind.
The fundamental power behind this
Is the power of faith.

The power of belief is
Something that is not usually taught in schools.
You can only learn it
Through religion or religious education.
Just as your true Father
Is limitless and invincible in Heaven,
So must you be,
Limitless and invincible here on earth.
This is what it means to win in terms of faith.
People’s illnesses can be cured through faith.
The fundamental structure of your physical body
Will change depending on your life’s views
And your self-image.

Your red and white blood cells
As well as the lymphocytes in your blood
Are also active every day
While receiving a powerful spiritual life force.
Their activities will change
With the kind of thoughts you emit.
They will start to fight viruses
And other harmful things within you,
Expelling them from your body.
Cancerous cells and other inappropriate tissues
Will be rapidly replaced and disposed of
Through your thoughts.
They will be weeded out.

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“Spiritual Reading of Novel Coronavirus Infection Originated in China”

What is Happy Science Ritual Prayer?

Ritual Prayer “Kigan” is given to us by Master Ryuho Okawa to help us receive guidance from the heavenly world for our spiritual advancement. Happy Science values the idea of self-help, but we are also given a lot of help from higher powers of the heavenly world. Ritual Prayers in Happy Science are not simply about being totally reliant on an outside power, but the very act of taking part in Ritual Prayer is the expression of faith and an effort to advance in your soul training. This is the reason why Ritual Prayer in Happy Science has an aspect of soul training.

Ritual Prayer is a way to bring about miracles. It is a way to find answers and make your dreams come true. Strong support from the heavens will come when you have the mind of self-help, and make an effort to open the path in front of you. Each time you take part in a Ritual Prayer ceremony; you will deepen your faith and receive inspiration, guidance and healing. Ultimately, each one of your spiritual advancements will lead to the spread of the Truth in your own country.

From the Lecture “The Essence of Ritual Prayers”

Do not consider prayer as a way of realizing your selfish desires, but wish strongly that your happiness and your family’s happiness will lead to the happiness and prosperity of all people, of society and eventually the entire universe. Prayer with right goals will certainly be supported by the power of light from the heavenly world. With an infinite pure heart and egoless mind, pray strongly for the light of Truth to dwell within you and lead you to the true path. If you do this, there will certainly be powerful effects. Your Lord in heaven is almighty, and as long as you, who are on earth, believe in the Lord and head in the right direction, your wishes in ritual prayers will certainly become reality. In heaven, there are no limitations to the realization of thought, so you can be sure that your wishes in any type of Ritual Prayer will become reality.