Category: Lecture
Recorded: March 25, 2022
Available at branch, temple, shoja

To protect the organization and to progress in times of tough age.

We have been given a lecture in welcoming the new staff from Master Ryuho Okawa,”The Way to Live for Altruism” and Shio Okawa, “To Do a Better Job as Much as You Can”.

Shio Okawa taught us the importance of “integrating real life and Buddha’s Truth,” and from Master Ryuho Okawa, He taught us “what the religious work is,” “how to look at the world including the latest Ukraine issue,” and so on. This lecture is also very practical to learn how to avoid bankrupt in management / bricks and motar shops. These lectures are recommeded to managers, business person, youth, those who are concened in Ukraine issue and etc. Also, “The Laws Of Messiah,” “My Lover, Cross the Valley of Tears,” (Only available in Happy Science Temples) “The Power of Basics: Introduction to Modern Zen Life of Calm, Spirituality and Success,” and “A Lecture on ‘My Philosophy of Life'” are recommended.


From Shio Okawa “To Do a Better Job as Much as You Can”
◆Many points on how to become truly competent at work.

From Master Ryuho Okawa “The Way to Live for Altruism”
◆The two points of a work of religion that you should engarve in your heart.

◆What you must be careful when watching /listening/ reading media coverage.

◆Both President Biden and President Zelensky are now using the worst fighting strategies ever. “The sketch of the world war” that comes after that.

◆Methods to work well and be useful for a long time.


Now that we have entered the tough age, I would like to train myself even more to accomplish my religious mission regardless of risking my life.(40’s Male)