Category: Lecture
Recorded: March 3, 2022
Available at branch, temple, shoja

Religion is a grand compilation of the study of human nature.
Don’t be a Tengu, Stay humble and continue your effort!

Master Ryuho Okawa gave us a commemoration lecture for the 31st Anniversary of the Day of Our Establishment as a Religious Organization. Let us dedicate our sincere gratitude to the Lord for this precious opportunity.

In this lecture, Master Okawa talked about his own experience and taught us the important themes for religion and important policy for our discipline.

【Specifically Recommended to…】
To all those who are interested in spirituality, those who are related to education and religion, etc.

◆Do we all possess spiritual abilities when we experience spiritual phenomena?
If you think you’re “almighty” when the spiritual path opens up, you’re completely wrong!

  ◆What is the power of “Kyouten” and “Master’s lectures”?
What does it mean to become a state of mind that is spiritually “flowing the vibration”?

◆Many episodes from the “Question and Answer” sessions at Master’s initiative lectures.

◆Why do we need to “study” and acquire “knowledge” as well as to practice “religious discipline” at the same time?

◆How to live the “right life” while having “spiritual abilities.”

◆Do you embody the “mind of God in heaven” or do you wish to be praised or boast about yourself?

I want to truly express my gratitude for Master Okawa’s continuous efforts on his diligence in studying humbly. Through following the footsteps of Master, I feel we, disciples should make further efforts and not become a Tengu. (long-nosed Goblin) (40s Male)