Category: Lecture
Recorded: June 2, 2020
Available at branch, temple, shoja

What is the Bushido Spirit? What is the origin of the spirit?

In this lecture, Master teaches us about the Bushido Spirit which has been passed down from the ancient era of all around the world and its origin.

【Specifically Recommended to…】

Not only the members of Happy Science but also those who are interested in the Bushido Spirit, those who are related to politics, those who have interest in the film, “The Cherry Bushido,” scheduled to be released in February, etc.

◆What is the relationship between Ame-no-Mioya-Gami and Amaterasu-O-Mikami and Bushido? – Bushido and the origin of Sumo, Japanese sword, water, salt, Kashiwate (clapping hands before a shrine), and so on. ***************************************************************************

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