Category: Lecture
Recorded: January 7, 2021
Available at branches, local temples, main temples

The first open lecture for 2021, “A Lecture on ‘The Laws of Secret'” was given in Tokyo Shoshinkan.

The latest Laws series, ‘The Laws of Secret’ as a textbook, Master Ryuho Okawa gave humanity some guidelines on how to overcome this year. People who are suffering from novel coronavirus pandemic, either mentally, physically or economically, and those who have seen Happy Science movies, or have interest in politics are recommended to listen to this lecture.


◆ The trial and errors on democracy seen from the U.S. presidential election.

◆ What are the conditions of bringing about a spiritual revolution?

◆ The measures to prevent the infection of novel coronaviurs is going against…?

◆ What are the foods and the countermeasures to deal with an infection?

◆ It was the time to regain the heart of faith when the plague and the smallpox went viral.

◆ The role of religion in the fight between medical science and God’s Will.

◆ The wrong mind that is depicted in the coming movie in May, “Beautiful Lure – A Modern Tale of “Painted Skin” -.

◆ The Importance of having a religious mindset during our lifetime.


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