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Recorded: January 13, 2021
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We can understand the scheme of the god of the dark universe!

What kind of relations are there with the origins of totalitarianism and the god of the dark universe? In this spiritual message, as Zoroaster mentioned the battle between light and darkness, he talked about the true identity of Ahura Mazda and the importance of learning the teachings of Happy Science from multiple perspectives.


The founder of Zoroastrianism that believed in the duality of good and evil, and that used fire in its worship.. He was born about 100 years before the time of Buddha in the area that is now the southern part of Russia. Zoroastrianism spread mainly in Iran at that time and became the state religion of Iran (Persia) for a while. The content of the teaching was the duality of good and evil: “The two great forces, light and darkness, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, are running the world.


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Not only Happy Science members but also those interested in Middle Eastern religions and history, those interested in space and cosmic beings, and those interested in the occult, etc.

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◆A number of historical examples of Ahriman’s dark activities.

◆Was the story of Adam and Eve based on the science and technology of the aliens?

◆Did the dark universe intervene with Adolf Hitler?

◆What is the relationship between the “dark universe’s plan” and totalitarianism?

◆”Walk-In” by malignant aliens are happening to many important people and organizations? – How to prevent from being “Walk-In” is also revealed.

◆What is the true nature of Zoroastrianism’s Ahura Mazda?