“THE THUNDER – a composition for repelling the Coronavirus -”

The electric shock sound that expels the Coronavirus originated in China

(Music by Ryuho Okawa/ Arranged by Yuichi Mizusawa)

Promotion video of “THE THUNDER- a composition for repelling the Coronavirus-“

Master Ryuho Okawa created this spectacular epic piece with the firm wish to strongly repel the Novel Coronavirus around the world.
The characteristic of this piece is, it embodies the spiritual vibration from the heavenly world that does not associate with the negative and evil vibrations of that of the Coronavirus.

Close your eyes and listen to the vast melodies and powerful vibrations. You will definitely feel the presence of God. Immerse yourself in it as a deep meditation and rejuvenation of your soul and mind.

This music is available to download from the link below!!
➡️ Download “THE THUNDER- a composition for repelling the Coronavirus-“

What you are about to hear is the music that is composed by Master Ryuho Okawa, Founder and CEO of Happy Science Group. Master Okawa expresses the beauty of music that exists in the higher realm of the heavenly world into the form of a melody directly. Master Okawa’s musics are filled with spiritual vibration, and have power to heal people’s hearts and save their souls.


The Real Exorcist music