Award Winning Music & Song!

The Real Exorcist Music Video won “Best Feature Music Video Award” (March) at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, “Best Feature Music Video Award” (April) at the Los Angeles Film Awards, and “Best Original Song” at the New York Movie Awards!! Congratulations! The Real Exorcist music video has now received 5 awards from 3 countries!

“The Real Exorcist”(English ver.) music video is available on Amazon!

1.The Real Exorcist (English ver.)
2.The Real Exorcist (English ver.)(Instrumental)

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The Real Exorcist

This is a theme song in the movie, “The Real Exorcist” to be released soon in overseas. This song is entitled, “Music of the Hero” which expresses the unwavering resolution to fight against Devils with the power of exorcism. Sayaka Okawa sang this song and it resides the power of exorcism which torches the light of people’s heart.

The movie, “The Real Exorcist”


Tokyo ―the most mystical city in the world where you find spiritual spots in the most unexpected places. Sayuri works as a part time waitress at a small coffee shop “Extra” where regular customers enjoy the authentic coffee that the owner brews. Meanwhile, Sayuri uses her supernatural powers to help those who are troubled by spiritual phenomena one after another. Through her special consultations, she touches the hearts of the people and helps them by showing the truths of the invisible world.

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