We give our deepest condolences to the people who have passed away from the Novel Coronavirus. And we pray deeply from our hearts for those who are infected, and that those whose daily lives are influenced by this pandemic infection will recover as soon as possible.

In this article today, we would like to introduce to everyone how to strengthen your immunity from a religious point of view by learning the main points from Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity” recorded on February 15th, 2020.
While the vaccine to cure the Novel Coronavirus is urgently needed, there must be many who are feeling nervous, fearful, or frustrated and have difficulty in maintaining a peaceful state of mind.

In Happy Science, we put on masks, do gargling, wash hands, disinfect with alcohol, ventilate the room frequently, keep social distance, and do other basic prevention methods, as well as to get enough nutrition, sleep, and exercise. However, we would also like to emphasize that there is a way to strengthen your immunity through the ‘power of the mind.’


•Infection has a connection with “fear.”
•How to maintain your mind to prevent from an infectious virus
•What we can do to strengthen our immunity.
•To those who want to begin a religious life in Happy Science.

Infection has a Connection with “Fear”

Master Ryuho Okawa mentioned in the beginning of the lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity” (recorded February 15th, 2020) that “Not just the coronavirus but normally influenza goes around in the time of winter and through flus and other diseases that lead to the destruction of immunity causes people to die or to be in a serious state. Therefore, I would like to create an “anti-virus,” or a “vaccine by the power of Dharma(spiritual power)” from a religious point of view. If we see infection from a religious point of view, it is almost the same as “the principle of possession.”

What makes viruses in tune with you is actually the ‘fear’ or your negative mindset within you. The term “the principle of possession” in Happy Science means that a spirit, in some way, influences people living on earth.

Possessing spirits are like magnets and stick to, or have interaction with various spirit worlds or influence people with the same mindset or wavelength. Those who get possessed and those who possess have the same thoughts or minds. This is called “the same wavelength attraction.”

For example, if the illness comes from possession from an evil spirit(s), it is easy to attract or have the same negative mind, such as anxiety, anger, jealousy, and self-denial.
In the same way, if we have ‘fear’ or ‘anxiety’ towards the pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus, we may have the possibility to attract the virus and be infected.

How to Maintain Your Mind to Prevent Virus Infection

So then, what is the mind that evil spirits or illness have difficulty in possessing?

If you want to become a person who can’t fall ill easily, it is important to have a heart to say “thank you” and practice smiling and giving gratitude.

In “How to Strengthen Your Immunity”, Master mentioned to have an attitude to “think positively,” and to “have right faith.” These mindsets will strengthen our immunity and win against the virus.
It is important for us to fill our heart with the belief in God or Buddha, or be cheerful, think positively, have hope, love, and courage instead of holding fear or anxiety.
Have your mindset directed to the positive side and shut down your negative thoughts. Try to focus on having a positive mindset.

What We Can Do To Strengthen Our Immunity

When your immunity weakens, it also means that your vitality is declining.
Therefore, it is very important to strengthen your vitality. This connects to having a bright and constructive way of thinking.

“If you have something you want to do in life, your immunity strengthens.
Please think to strengthen your immunity.
Please strengthen your immunity in your body, rejuvenate your cells, and let the white blood cells destroy the bad cells.
You must think like this strongly.
Your body is not the same all year long.
If you have at least half a month or a year, all cells can be replaced anew.
All cells can be replaced from skull to brain.
Nothing is the same as the year before.
It is foolish that you think that you need to continuously create illness if you are sick now.
You need to transform yourself to a better way.
Then, your body will change.
You must think strongly that you will change to a new body within a year.”
(From Are You Happy Magazine)

You must focus on “strengthening your immunity and building up strength” by finding a purpose in life, and finding something you would like to do.
Also, what is necessary in strengthening immunity is ‘faith’ and ‘passion.’

Actually immunity, becomes stronger when you have the power of faith or the power of belief. It can be said that the power of thought is working as will but if you are thinking daily, “I want to do my best as a Bodhisattva(angel) for Buddha or God” you will be filled with a strong, positive, goodwill and that energy will flow throughout your whole body, and eventually, strengthen your immunity. Please, do not think that the power of faith is something unscientific or false.
The power of faith has the power to change your future. Faith gives you courage to live, gives you confidence or the power to persevere, or the power to endure. All the entire cells in your body will be influenced by that power and the cells will be energized. Your immunity will get even stronger. (From Healing Yourself)

Continue to have right faith, stay healthy and live to pray for all the world to prosper- this will connect you to a healthy life.

Please regain love, forgiveness, and generosity as a Child of God or Buddha.
Then, illness must be cured.
(From Illness Be Cured)

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