Category: Spiritual Message
Recorded: April 12, 2022
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President Biden is pulling the string behind the scenes on the issues of Ukraine? Now the conspiracy is revealed!

Regarding the Ukraine issue, the intention of President Biden is to pass the buck on political affairs. This spiritual message also reveals the true intention of President Zelensky. It is recommended to those who have concerns in Ukraine issue, International affairs, the supporters of the Happiness Realization and etc. 

“The Laws Of Messiah,” “Putin’s Real Intentions on Ukraine Invasion: Interview with the President’s Guardian Spirit,” “Spiritual Message from the Guardian Spirit of Biden,”, “Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of President Zelensky (recorded urgently at 2 a.m., March 10)”, are recommended.

Spiritual Message from G.S of President Biden
◆Why does Mr.Biden want Ukraine to join NATO? 
◆The United States is performing a white knight by helping the Ukraine and not fighting with the Russian face to face.
――What is the aim of that? 
◆Here, reveals the true intention of Mr. Biden.
He doesn’t care how many Russians or Ukrainians die?
◆The mystery that the video on the Ukrainian army attacking Russian army does not show in media. 

Spiritual Message from the G.S of President Zelensky

◆What does the guardian spirit of Mr. Zelensky wants from Russia? 


 Despite Mr. Biden’s fraud in the former presidential election, I am very much surprised how he acts to be a good person. He is a pretty deep person. (50s Male)