Category: Lecture
Recorded: June 8, 2021
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What are the attitudes that are necessary for both individuals and companies now?

In this lecture, Master Okawa gave us some important guidelines for the future of the Coronavirus recession and what we need to do to survive.

【Specifically Recommended to…】

Not only Happy Science members but also for a wide range of people, including those who want to find a way of life in the Coronavirus disaster, managers, business people, students, young people, housewives, and etc.

◆The Corona recession is coming in earnest! – Will the coronavirus infection stop if the vaccine spreads?

◆Two things that can be expected if the Olympics are cancelled.

◆The creeping sound of a major tax hike and the danger of Japan’s Digital Agency!

◆The end of the “consumer economy”! What kind of economics should we aim for from now on?

◆Question 1: What is the balance between “investment” and “retained earnings” to turn a pinch into an opportunity?

◆Question 2: How to deal with lockdowns and other problems overseas, and a message to overseas believers.



“Shakyamuni Buddha’s Future Prediction”

“The Laws of Secret”

“How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession”

El Cantare Ryuho Okawa Original Songs:

“With Savior”

“THE THUNDER -A Composition for Repelling the Coronavirus-“

“THE EXORCISM -Prayer Music for Repelling Lost Spirits-“