Category: Spiritual Message
Recorded: February 18, 2021
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The battle is not over. The Evil Empire will no more be tolerated, and World Justice will definitely be achieved!

In this spiritual message, as a prologue to his comeback in the future, Trump’s guardian spirit expressed his determination to “not allow the evil empire, China” to spread the coronavirus, and his resolution that “He, Donald Trump will definitely come back.”

◆Is it “justice” to make a “hero of the country” a criminal in an impeachment trial?

◆What does he think about the “coronavirus vaccine”?

◆How can we prove that China spread the coronavirus?

◆President Biden will make a mistake and the tide will turn within a year!?

◆The soul of America will never die. It is America’s mission to protect the world!

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Not only Happy Science members but also political conservatives, those interested in international issues, etc.

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