Category: UFO Reading
Recorded: January 30, 2021
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What is the current state of the Earth and what should be the future of the Earth from a cosmic perspective?

In this spiritual message, R. A. Goal gave us important messages such as the guiding principles to change the course of the Earth itself and to build a nation and a world that accepts the heart of God, as well as messages to Happy Science. Let us spread this important messages to the world not only to the Happy Science members but also to as many people as possible.

R. A. Goal

A space being from Planet Andalucia Beta in Ursa Minor. One of the commanders of the space defense force. A certified messiah. He has an aspect as a religious leader and has the power to create a superior civilization on a planetary level. Currently, he is responsible to protect El Cantare.


◆What will happen to the coronavirus pandemic? – How effective is the vaccine? What are the conditions to end the pandemic?

◆What are his (R.A. Goal) ideas about the “Biden administration”? What is his thoughts to the double crisis in the U.S.?

◆How will China act in the future? Is there a threat of war?

◆The path Japan should take and the future of the Earth. What should we do?

◆A surprising secret of the R. A. Goal’s soul is revealed!

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