In the previous article on this theme ‘How to Get Rid of Negative Spiritual Influences – Part 2’, we shared wisdom from Master Ryuho Okawa book publication “The Real Exorcist” which gave tips on what to practice in daily life, the importance of self-reflection, and other checkpoints that could be warning signs of negative spiritual influences or possession.

In this part 3, and the final part of this article series, we will share more advanced topics on how to protect yourself by living a spiritual life of discipline, the importance of faith and how you can strengthen the power as an exorcist in modern society.

1. The Power of the Three Treasures

If you think that you are currently experiencing negative spiritual influences or spiritual possession, it is important to know that you are not alone and that you have the support from others and from God. By knowing this and taking action to make the right connections and to learn the right teachings is essential.

“If you want to make the evil spirits leave you, please have a good connection with the sacred part of the world and sacred people, and be familiar with the textbooks of our teachings.”
Extract from “The Possession” | How Can You Be Protected By Saintly Power?

The True Words Spoken By Buddha Prayer Book for Members and Devotees
The True Words Spoken By Buddha Prayer Book for Members and Devotees

At Happy Science, we have a community where everyone is supporting one another, studying the teachings, overcoming life’s challenges and making daily progress in their soul training — it is a group of light that has the power to protect those within it from negative influences and evil spirits. Members in Happy Science aim to practice the ‘exploration of the Right Mind’ each day, and to deepen their faith in God — in Happy Science, the Supreme God of the Earth is known as Lord El Cantare. Furthermore, those who are devoted to seeking the Truth and advancing in their aspirations for enlightenment, can become Devotees of Lord El Cantare. This is to make a pledge of devotion to the Three Treasures which are Buddha (Lord El Cantare), Dharma (the teachings of Truth) and the Sangha (the group of those who have faith in El Cantare).

“If you have enough belief in El Cantare and you have faith in the Three Treasures, I mean the Buddha, Buddha’s law, and the Sangha, meaning the members of Happy Science, you can be protected by saintly power from heaven and from this earth.”
Extract from “The Possession” | How Can You Be Protected By Saintly Power?

2. Most Powerful Weapon Against Evil Spirits?

By making the right connections with a community of light such as the Sangha of Happy Science, and to learn the teachings of Truth to deepen your knowledge and wisdom, especially about negative spiritual influences and spiritual possession, it is important to increase your own light from within by overcoming any issues or attachments which can be the source of attracting negative influences. Begin by integrating a spiritual lifestyle and discipline into your daily life that will contribute to your spiritual growth and progress.

“In order for believers to strengthen their spiritual powers, they need to undergo similar spiritual discipline as professional priests. They also need to solve their personal troubles, get enough sleep and sufficient nutrition, and build up their physical strength by managing their health. You cannot expel devils while managing many personal troubles, so it is important to clear away your personal problems.”
Extract from “The Real Exorcist” | Chapter One: The Modern Exorcist

As Master Ryuho Okawa has revealed, it is important to strengthen your spiritual power through discipline and by solving your life’s issues as a way to protect yourself. Ultimately, the most powerful method to protect ourselves from negative spirits, evils spirits and even devils is through our connect to God, to Buddha — to Lord El Cantare. This is the ultimate power of faith.

“In the end, without strong faith in God or Buddha, you cannot fully defend yourself. You must be one with God or Buddha.”
Extract from “The Real Exorcist” | The power to ultimately win against strong devils

Experiences of Encountering Evil Spirits

“When I was young, I often experienced negative spiritual influences when I was sleeping at night. Sometimes, I even had ‘sleep paralysis’ and couldn’t move. Now I have found Happy Science’s teachings, I understand that they were evil spirits trying to attack me. By studying these teachings, putting them into practice, having a spiritual discipline in my daily life and deepening my faith in El Cantare, I now have the tools to be able to protect myself whenever negative influences try to come near me.”

(male, U.K., 40s)

3. The Path to Become a Modern Day Exorcist

With the power of faith and our connection with El Cantare, it acts as a way to keep any strong ego we may have in check and to remain humble. If we neglect this and believe in our own power to exorcise evil spirits, without the need of God, then we will eventually fail. Knowing the right values to uphold, having a humble attitude to make steady step-by-step efforts each day, and to strengthen our light is what evil spirits and devils do not like.

From the movie The Real Exorcist — a prayer of light to defeat evil spirits
From the movie The Real Exorcist — a prayer of light to defeat evil spirits

“We must rather strenghten the Light. Devils do not like self-reflection, prayer, humility, obedience, honesty, and faith. They will lose against such values, which are the exact opposite of worldly power. They can no longer possess people who adhere to these values. So, we must fight using these qualities.”
Extract from “The Real Exorcist” | The Modern Exorcist

This concludes our three-part series in how to get rid of negative spiritual influences. We hope that you could learn some important tips to practice in your daily life to protect yourself by learning the path as taught in Happy Science of a modern exorcist, which is the most advanced in modern society today. For further support and guidance, such as Ritual Prayer, or helping with cases of exorcism, we recommend you contact your nearest Happy Science temple and consult with the local minister.

“To become a modern exorcist, you must put great importance on daily spiritual discipline. Even so, an exorcism conducted by a professional priest who has accumulated spiritual discipline, in a place such as a local temple where spiritual fields have formed, is most effective.”
Extract from “The Real Exorcist” | Chapter One: The Modern Exorcist

If you are interested in learning more about spiritual possession, exorcism and how to protect yourself, please watch Happy Science’s movie “The Real Exorcist”.

You can also watch the lecture and read the book entitled “The Real Exorcist” — available at your nearest local branch or temple.

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