1. What You Can Do Today to Prevent Negative Spiritual Influences

In the previous article on this theme ‘How to Get Rid of Negative Spiritual Influences – Part 1‘, we revealed the reality of the existence of negative spirits, how spiritual possession occurs, and how you can protect yourself from getting possessed by evil spirits.

In this part 2 of this article series, we will share wisdom from Master Ryuho Okawa’s book publication The Real Exorcist which coincides with the movie of the same name.

This book reveals that just as God and angels exist, devils and evil spirits also exist who aim to enter the minds of people and spread unhappiness. Also, in this book, Master Ryuho Okawa shares his real-life experiences and offers guidance to attain the wisdom to conquer evil.

Here, we will share some extracts taken from The Real Exorcist book, from Chapter Two: ‘Checkpoints for Preventing Oneself From Coming under Spiritual Disturbance — The basic approach is correcting your mind and your lifestyle.’ What simple actions can we take each day that will help to prevent negative spiritual influences?

The Real Exorcist book by Master Ryuho Okawa
The Real Exorcist book by Master Ryuho Okawa and published by IRH Press

Master Ryuho Okawa explains:

“In simple words, it means to do one good deed a day and speak rightful words. If you have made a mistake in your relationships, admit your mistake and apologize for it if it is not too late. In this way, reflect on your thoughts and deeds and correct your way.”
“The Real Exorcist” | Chapter Two: Checkpoints for Preventing Oneself From Coming under Spiritual Disturbance

In Happy Science, as a path in the Principles of Happiness, we teach the path of Self-reflection within the Fourfold Path of ‘Love’, ‘’Wisdom’, Self-reflection’ and ‘Progress’. As humans, we all make mistakes in life and in our relationships. Self-reflection is a method to correct our mistakes, repent and cultivate our wisdom. It also an effective way to cleanse the dark clouds covering our mind and heart — to allow our original Buddha-nature to shine again.

Negative spiritual influences such as evil spirits or devils dislike people who practice self-reflection each day and are striving to deepen their enlightenment by learning from the mistakes they have made in life. It is not easy to practice and takes effort, but it is essential for our spiritual practice and daily discipline for our soul’s growth and happiness in life.

Master Ryuho Okawa advises us:

“If, in the opposite manner, you seek an easy way out to be saved, or only try to solve spiritual trouble with an egotistical motive, unfortunately, salvation will not be possible in many cases.”
“The Real Exorcist” | Chapter Two: Checkpoints for Preventing Oneself From Coming under Spiritual Disturbance

2. Self-reflection and The Eightfold Path

To practice self-reflection, Master Ryuho Okawa recommends the importance of the Buddhist teaching: The Eightfold Path. One key aspect to improving our relationships with others and to live a harmonious life is in the words that we use each day. In The Eightfold Path, it teaches the importance of having ‘Right Speech’. This means to examine the kind of words you use each day, to be aware of any negative words you have expressed, resentments or blame. ‘Right Speech’ also includes speaking truthfully and not lying, refraining from speaking ill of others, flattery and planting seeds of doubt between friends.

Master Ryuho Okawa reveals the connection between spiritual possession and the use of words and speech:

“Basically, when people are possessed by evil spirits, they frequently abuse others verbally or speak ill of others; they blame others and do not reflect on themselves.”
“The Real Exorcist” | Chapter Two: Checkpoints for Preventing Oneself From Coming under Spiritual Disturbance

It is important to practice self-reflection each day and become aware of the kind of words you use, and to strive to speak good words, positive words and words of gratitude and blessings. This method is a way that will help to prevent negative spiritual disturbances.

3. Other Checkpoints that Could Be Warning Signs of Possession

A Happy Science temple
A Happy Science temple that is a sacred place of light

Lastly, Master Ryuho Okawa reveals some checkpoints that can be signs that you could be possessed by negative spiritual influences. They are:

  1. Having a strong opposition or fear to reading any books of Truth (such as those published in Happy Science), or watch DVDs or listen to Master Okawa’s Dharma lectures.
  2. Difficulty in reciting prayers such as Happy Science sutras.
  3. Avoiding the visiting of sacred places of light such as Happy Science local branches or temples.
  4. A preference to study alone and a dislike to connect with Dharma friends who are studying and sharing wisdom together.

If you are interested in learning more about spiritual possession, exorcism and how to protect yourself, please watch Happy Science’s movie “The Real Exorcist”.

You can also watch the lecture and read the book entitled “The Real Exorcist” — available at your nearest local branch or temple.

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