In June 2020, Happy Science published a musical composition inspired with spiritual light from Heaven that contains a sacred power and vibration to repel the spread of the Coronavirus for those who listen to it. The music was composed by Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science Group, and arranged by Yuichi Mizusawa.

This beautiful composition expresses the sacred music from the higher realms of the heavenly world that was brought down to this world through divine inspiration and contains the spiritual power to protect people from all over the world against infections, illnesses and to heal people’s hearts from fear and suffering.

Mr. Akitoshi Nakata of the Media Culture Department in Happy Science, who led this project from the beginning, through to its creative development, and finally to its release worldwide, gave his comments on The Thunder music release.

He said:

“Master Ryuho Okawa is now writing so many songs. Previous religious leaders never really wrote songs, but Master Okawa is the source of the next civilization that includes all forms of art — so songs are very important.

About The Thunder composition, the world is suffering from the Coronavirus outbreak and the number infected is now more than 6 million (at the time of being interviewed). It is music or a melody that expels the Coronavirus — this is the salvation for humankind. Nothing else can really do the same, so this is the answer to this Coronavirus outbreak.

You can meditate over this song. You can concentrate on listening with your eyes closed. Use it to receive positive images.

I really hope Master Okawa’s music is a way to deliver and spread the Truth.”

The Thunder has been released to a worldwide audience. Here are some comments from listeners:

“It is a beautiful song. In the beginning, it has a very deep feeling of sadness. But after the ‘thunder’, then it became so wonderful — a world full of light and happiness.”

Female from Malaysia

“It’s so excellent! And very energetic beyond imagination — it’s very powerful inspiration from the heavenly world. Thanks to Master Ryuho Okawa!”

40-year-old Male from India

“I can really feel that the negative energy is being expelled and destroyed by heavenly light.”

Female from Malaysia

“Very inspiring and meditative.”

40-year-old Male from India

“I truly believe this song is not only suitable for repelling the Coronavirus, but also for people who are suffering.”

Female from Malaysia

“Powerful and moving. It brings out courage and strength to fight against evil and bring salvation.”

Male from Malaysia

“World class music — I feel strong vibrations entering my body and repelling all the germs.”

Female from Malaysia

➡️ Download “THE THUNDER — a composition for repelling the Coronavirus”

The Thunder is now available worldwide to download and listen to. In our times of global difficulties, God is alive and his presence is here. With this sacred musical composition that has been given to humanity as a blessing for those who are suffering and to protect us from the spread of illness, please use it for its healing vibrations to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Promotion video of “THE THUNDER — a composition for repelling the Coronavirus”

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