1. What are negative spirits?

Many people think that negative spirits, evil spirits or ghosts are not real and are just a figment of the imagination that exists in people’s minds, because they, themselves, have never witnessed such phenomenon.

However, Master Ryuho Okawa explains with 100% conviction, “they are real.” “they actually do exist.”

As someone who has attained enlightenment and has the psychic ability to see spiritual beings (spiritual sight) and is able to converse with them, just like communication with a person in this physical world. Basically, negative spirits, evil spirits and ghosts exist in the fourth dimension of the spirit world. Some who are lost are earthbound, or ‘stray spirits’, while others who harbor more negative emotions and intent, are evil spirits or even ‘devils’ if they have committed many sins. They exist in the lower dimensions of the spirit world, also known as “Hell”.

So then, what kind of tendency do these evils spirits have?
“They actively create misfortune in this world and destroy happiness. They try to bring suffering to people on Earth because they cannot find happiness of their own. They know only how to hold grudges and strive to make people unhappy.”
“The Mystical Laws” | Chapter Two: The Principle of Spiritual Possession

What is important to understand is that our physical world that we live in, this three dimensional world, is actually connected to the spirit world, of which the fourth dimension is the closest. Hence, it is possible, based on certain conditions, that these evils spirits can influence you, initiate possession and cause your life to ruin.

2. How does spiritual possession occur?

Spiritual possession occurs based on the “Law of Same Wavelengths Attraction”. The “Law of Same Wavelengths Attraction” means, in short, “Like attracts like.”

Human beings are essentially spiritual beings experiencing life temporarily in a physical body, which is just a vehicle for our soul. We are born into this physical, three dimensional world, for our soul training to gain wisdom and experience. Since we are spiritual beings in essence, our thoughts, emotions and feelings have energy. When you feel something, think about something, sense something, our mind emits certain energies and it is emitted to our surroundings as wavelengths. And these wavelengths or vibrations can attract those beings existing in the non-physical dimensions who have similar thoughts, feelings or energies.

This method works in a similar way like radio waves or frequencies.

Spiritual possession works like radio waves
Spiritual possession works like radio waves or frequencies

Radio stations or programs send out a certain frequency, so for a listener to be able to tune into that radio station or program, they need to connect to the right frequency. Similarly, once a certain thought or energy is in tune with a spiritual being of the same frequency or wavelength, they can begin to make a connection.

Furthermore, if the energy that is emitted is strong enough, that spiritual being or beings can draw closer and, more crucially, can initiate possession.

Master Ryuho Okawa explains about the meaning of the “Law of Same Wavelengths Attraction” as follows:

“The principle “like attracts like” is one of the laws that underlies this world and the next. There is always a good reason that stray spirits approach particular people; those people have certain elements within them that attract these spirits. By looking at the kind of spirit that is influencing you negatively, you will be able to understand what kind of mistakes you are making in your mind.”
“An Unshakable Mind” | Chapter Five: Overcoming Negative Influences

So then, what kind of thoughts actually attracts such negative spirits? Ryuho Okawa says,

“Then, what are the elements that make up Hell? Here are the thought energies or elements whirling around in Hell: envy, jealousy, anger that comes from feelings and instinct, complaints, feelings of discontent, dissatisfaction, pessimistic thoughts, negative thoughts, indecisiveness, cowardice, laziness, self-hatred, grudges, hatred, cursing, lust, self-assertion, egotism, abusive speech, double-dealing, manic depression, uncontrollable drinking, violence, exclusionism, lies, falsehood, materialism, atheism, loneliness, authoritarianism, greed for money, status, and fame, and disharmony. These are all negative energies.”
“The Laws of the Sun” | Chapter Three: The River of God’s Love

Basically, they are wrong thoughts, dark thoughts, negative thoughts or excessive feelings or desires which goes against God’s will.

3. How can you protect yourself from getting possessed by evil spirits?

To protect from yourself from evil spirits, or to get rid of negative spiritual possession, there are two proven methods that are effective: Self-reflection and gratitude.

Self-reflection is an effective method to correct wrong thoughts or negative feelings that exist in your mind.

Master Ryuho Okawa says:

“The simplest weapon is self-reflection. If you have come under negative spiritual influences, you should not place the blame entirely on the spirits affecting you negatively. If you have been possessed for some time it is because you yourself have some tendency that attunes to them. Actually, you are not fighting with stray spirits but rather you are engaged in a battle with your own ‘evil within.’ If you feel that your heart is attuned to hell, first do what you can yourself. In this situation, self-reflection will serve as your weapon.”
“The Laws of Happiness” | Chapter Three The Four Principles for Achieving Human Happiness

To practice self-reflection, first, you can sit down in a quiet environment and then, when you are comfortable, with your back straight, gently take some deep breathes, through your nose, holding the air into your lower abdomen, and then slowly out through your mouth, in a few cycles to gradually calm down your mind. And then return to a normal rhythm of breathing. Once the rough vibrations of your mind, and any negative thoughts have dissipated, look calmly into your mind to check if you had any wrong thoughts, excessive desires or emotions that need correcting.

Practicing self-reflection
The importance of practicing self-reflection

If you make a discovery from these thoughts, feelings or emotions and also the kind of words, deeds, actions that have occurred from them that did not accord with God’s will, then you can humbly repent and apologize sincerely to God. What is important is to make a pledge to God to make efforts not to repeat the same mistakes again.

In addition, gratitude is also important.

Ryuho Okawa explains that a tendency of negative spirits is that they are always complaining and having excessive criticism against someone, to others or their environment — blaming them for their own misfortune or unhappiness. You will notice that they will never take responsibility of their thoughts or actions that may have in fact led them to their difficulties, but just keep on blaming external factors. If you notice that you are always focusing on people’s faults or shortcomings or external factors such as the environment, there is a high possibility that you are being influenced by negative spirits.

So, please try to maintain a positive outlook on life and offer gratitude to the people around you, and, ultimately, to God.

You have already been blessed with many things from God, and are always embraced by His love and mercy. If you are currently living your life without any sense of gratitude, your perspective on life will be distorted. This time, it is important to learn of the method where negative spiritual beings can influence us who are living in this physical world for our soul training.

Lastly, if we have difficulties in life or are in serious trouble, our faith in God is our lifeline. Please know that no evil spirit or any devil can gain victory over God. If God is by your side, if you have faith in Him, you can be strong, brave and confident.

Once your belief, faith and conviction is true, you can transform your life for the better and build a future filled with hope, love and light.

If you are interested in learning more about spiritual possession, exorcism and how to protect yourself, please watch Happy Science’s movie “The Real Exorcist”.

You can also watch the lecture and read the book entitled “The Real Exorcist” — available at your nearest local branch or temple.

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