Since the infection of the Novel Coronavirus in Wuhan was first revealed, it has been quickly spreading all over the world. As of June 27, the number of the infected people is now over 10 million, and the dead toll is about 500,000. Happy Science extends its sincere condolences to all those who have passed away and lost their beloved ones through the virus.

We would like, however, to point out that, in many cases, there is a Divine will hidden behind large scale disasters and calamities.

Disasters, including pandemics, occur when wrong thoughts and corrupt political systems spread on a mass scale. In the past, for instance, there was a plague epidemic at the time of the Hundred Years’ War between France and England, and the Collapse of the Medieval European Society. At that time, many people participated in the movement to ask for God’s Voice and Gospel through the Bible itself, not through the corrupt churches . And then, the oppressive system of farming collapsed. In that age of crisis, human beings sought for His true Gospel and strengthened their faith in Him.

The purpose of politics is to realize God’s will in this world. Politicians, as agents of God, are expected to work hard to realize happiness for as many people as possible in society. Democracy without faith, on the other hand, tends to be driven by a materialistic desire of the majority of people. As a result, it bears a lot of conflicts and moves far away from its original purpose.

Various disasters occur as a stern warning from God, when the world becomes decadent founded on wrong ideas such as atheism and materialism — making masses of people believe that, “Death is the end of everything” and “This world is everything”.

This three-dimensional physical world exists, as a training ground, where human beings – who are children of God – can improve their spirituality through their living and experiences. Disasters inevitably occur when a large number of people have forgotten their original purpose in life.

The pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus may be a stern warning from God, for the people who have lost their faith in Him and are only seeking materialistic conveniences. Human beings are existences with the purpose to grow spiritually through the system of reincarnation that cycles eternally.

“It is not possible that a savior, nay, a Great Savior, will not be born in an age like today’s, when the population of the world is about to become the largest ever known in human history, and when disasters and catastrophes can occur on a global scale. The name of the Lord is El Cantare. This is what I am conveying”
(from “Love, Confidence, and Courage”)

God has been sending His Divine messages and guidance continuously through Happy Science to save the world. Shakyamuni Buddha and Jesus Christ, for instance, stated through spiritual messages:

“You can think it [this coronavirus] is basically a divine punishment, but it is also a self-punishment. So not knowing yourself is a crime. Noticing your physical body but unaware of the fact that your soul resides in your body for discipline is a crime. It’s like you have a car but don’t you need a driver. Maybe you think automatic driving is enough but you need a driver anyways. Losing yourself is definitely a crime. You should know this. Discovery of yourself connects to the discovery of God”
(from “Shakyamuni Buddha’s Future Prediction”)

“Although all of this is happening through human activities, I think the world is currently advancing toward straining and endangering itself. So, it might have been necessary for humans to know that their own scientific, medical, and militaristic advancements could bring a crisis to humanity as a whole”
(from “Jesus Christ’s Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic”)

“In the end, our hope is for people to transition into the Spirit World as a sound soul and to have them live happily in the Real World. … Now, the time is coming when many people in this world will fall ill and die. The numbers could grow quite large. I am not saying to take advantage of this situation, but especially in time like now, you should teach the importance of faith, the truth that the soul is eternal, that it was made by God, and teach that we must try our best in this world to realize God’s glory”
(from “Jesus Christ’s Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic”)

Many High Spirits have given their perspective about the true meaning of this coronavirus pandemic such as these examples. Many people are still believing in God, and seeking for His messages, too. God’s not silent. Would you listen to God’s voice and spiritual messages from heaven through Happy Science?

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