The Laws of Steel: Living a Life of Resilience, Confidence and Prosperity is the Laws Series book release for 2020 and is the 26th volume in this internationally lauded series.

Master Ryuho Okawa teaches us the importance to become like “steel” which reflects our true nature as children of God. We all have an inner power to manifest prosperity and happiness in life. Happy Science has forecasted a new age for humanity to open up from 2020, a new Golden Age of prosperity and peace, but will begin in the midst of our current global issues and conflicts that humanity now faces and needs to overcome.

From the book, there are three points that can empower you to overcome all adversity:

1. Know Your Purpose and Reason for Human Existence

Happy Science has been teaching since the beginning the basic Truths that every human being should know that is not taught in our mainstream school education: What are human beings? Where do we come from? What is the purpose of our lives? And where do we go to after death? By learning these Truths, we can begin to live life fully and strive to fulfill our true potential as not only human beings, but as children of God, and to awaken to miracles to achieve the impossible.

“The world is far bigger than what we have learned through school education; it is filled with miracles and this fact is gradually being disclosed. With such awareness, if you can grasp who you truly are, you will be able to achieve things you previously thought were impossible. It will be possible when you break out of your own ‘shell.’”

From Chapter Six: The Power to Make Miracles

2. Acquire the Mindset to Prosperity

Furthermore, when we awaken to who we are as human beings, we will journey on the path to true prosperity. God’s true nature is prosperous. In Happy Science, we are not only taught the path to prosperity — it is our duty to become prosperous, and to share this prosperity to further spread happiness throughout the world.

“Prosperity is, after all, a series of successive success. It is also the spread of your success to other areas. You need to expand your success to the people who work for you, to your family and to the company you work for.”
From Chapter One: The Mindset to Invite Prosperity

3. Understand Global Issues Arising from Atheistic Nations

In the world today, there are many escalating global and social conflicts and issues. Master Ryuho Okawa teaches us the importance to live a life with resilience and also strength to face the many challenges, catastophies, natural disasters and also threats from nations without faith and with evil intent to control humanity and suppress human rights. Now is the time to uphold justice in the world, to teach the important values of freedom, democracy and faith.

“In a country governed by a dictator, there are fundamentally many bad laws. The authority creates laws to make the country appear like a constitutional state, and uses these laws to purge people and does whatever the central figure wants. But the truth is that these laws are bad laws, and they are rampant. That is why faith is indispensable. Justice needs to stand above what is made by humans.”
From Chapter Three: Fulfilling your Noblesse Oblige

Discover more from The Laws of Steel book which is now available at and at all Happy Science temples and branches.

Chapter contents:

  1. The Mindset to Invite Prosperity
  2. The Laws of Cause and Effect
  3. Fulfilling your Noblesse Oblige
  4. Be Confident in Your Life
  5. A Savior’s Wish
  6. The Power to Make Miracles

The Laws of Steel International Koan Seminar
The Laws of Steel: Living a Life of Resilience, Confidence and Prosperity is now available worldwide

The Laws of Steel International Koan Seminar

Furthermore, to complement the book and to deepen our understanding of its deep wisdom,“The Laws of Steel” Koan Seminar — Creation of Future Prosperity is now available to take at Happy Science’s temples and branches worldwide.

In this seminar, you will be given six ‘koans’ which are sacred phrase of wisdom given to us by Master Okawa for participants to contemplate on to discover clues to life for further growth, success and happiness. Discover the mindset for success, the law of cause and effect that leads to prosperity, how to become one with Heaven to fulfill your Noblesse Oblige, the mind to attract outer-dimensional power, deepening your understanding of God’s will, and the power to make miracles in life. Ultimately, it is a seminar to transform your mindset from a “Poverty Mindset” into a “Prosperity Mindset”, and to become a leader to create future prosperity for the happiness of the world.

Comments from Participants:

“Each and every word of the Koans (Master Okawa’s phrase of wisdom) came into my heart… At the same time, I was able to feel the Lord’s thoughts deeply. I will make an effort.”
“This seminar made me discover the original point of why “The Laws of Steel” IS STEEL. I received a roadmap for the future as well as for my problem.”
“I felt that this seminar was to make the world happy. I strongly felt that the future of prosperity was greatly entrusted to us to spread the teachings to the world.”
“I discovered that “working” means “loving”. Thank you very much. I will live the rest of my life for service.”

This is a highly recommended seminar to attend especially under the severe circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. If you are interested in attending, please contact your nearest Happy Science for more information.

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