The number of publications in history
In about 37 years since the first publication,
His unprecedented works surpassed 3,000 books.

They are now translated into 40 languages,
and members are in over 165 countries,
which is the proof of the Messiah (Savior)
and the modern Tripitaka of Buddhism.

Master Ryuho Okawa

Yet Again, One More Step Forward

Commemorative lecture “Yet Again, One More Step Forward” held on June 1st, 2022 at The Okura Tokyo.

2022 is the year the humanity acknowledges the genuine Messiah. “The Laws Of Messiah”

The Savior has now descended in Japan. He is revealing the “Truth” and the “Happiness,” And is trying to end the confusion of the world. The latest Laws series, is out to prevail the descent of the Messiah.

The 3,000th Commemorative book, “The Path to Self-Discipline” (tentative English title)


Our world is full of apocalyptic events the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the Russia Ukraine war, the crisis of yet another world war, and the great depression. To overcome them, we need to polish our wisdom. The secret to elevate your intellectual life to open up the new era is crystalized here.

The latest English book, The Developmental Stages of Love-The Original Theory : Philosophy of Love in My Youth

The origin of the sun that lightens up the world.
This is the starting point of Ryuho Okawa’s thoughts that is revealed for the first time.
Before attaining genuine love and before living in true happiness…the author wrote his thoughts in the age around 25 to 28 years old before founding Happy Science. And now, it is published as a book in commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Great Enlightenment and the 35th anniversary of Founding Happy Science.
This book demonstrates the basic personal philosophy and its original theories.

On El Cantare in youth

About Master Ryuho Okawa and the purpose and the mission of Happy Science and the record of the great Savior.

Part 1 Savior in youth- Cast away the dark sinister predictions and create a future beyond 21st century.

In the end of July, 1985, the first book had been published and a year after on October 6th, founded Happy Science. The first book of theory, the “Laws Series” started from “The Laws of the Sun”. In the same year on November 23rd, Master Ryuho Okawa started to turn the wheel of Truth by giving continuous lectures and made great progress within few years to make Happy Science a great organization.

The initial spiritual message series which started publishing from 1985.

The initial spiritual messages are currently gathered in the collections of “Ryuho Okawa Spiritual Message Collection” 50 Volumes and five supplement volumes, which totals 55 volumes.

The first trilogy published in 1987 in Japanese.

From Yomiuri Shimbun (newspaper). December 8, 1990 on the book, “The Laws of the Sun”

The Trilogy of Salvation

The Laws of the Sun

The Laws of the Sun

The Golden Laws(new)00

The Golden Laws

9 Dimensions

The Laws of Eternity

El Cantare in youth, within 5 years since the founding of Happy Science became a number one religion in Japan
The essence of Ryuho Okawa’s teachings and the secret behind the rapid growth of the Happy Science movement

Ryuho Okawa’s first lectures on His basic teachings.

“The Rebirth of Buddha” -Messages to my beloved disciples.

“The Eternal Buddha”-The Everlasting Light

“I am more than a savior.” “Buddha is the Law and Buddha is the Teachings.” Now reveals the creation of the Universe, the history of one billion years and the essence of the Eternal Buddha, the mission of humanity.

The first lecture in Tokyo Dome- The Victory of Faith.

On July 15, 1991, the first celebration of the Lord’s descent was held in Tokyo Dome. There, Master Ryuho Okawa declared Him as El Cantare.

The revival of the spirit of True Buddhism.

Here, revealed the noble enlightenment of the true Buddha and his great wisdom. These teachings correct and straighten the wrong understanding of the disciples since 2,500 years ago.

28th volume of the Laws Series has been the Best-Selling Book

In 1999, after publishing the trilogy, the fundamental teachings, Master Ryuho Okawa started publishing the Laws series. These series became the best-selling books and the spirit of salvation prevailed far and wide to the world.

The Laws series are published every year, becoming its trend of that year. Many fans of this series are everywhere in the world.

The best-selling author, Master Ryuho Okawa’s book, “The Laws of Secret” (27th volume of the Laws series) ranked No.1 in major bookstore in Japan (Tohan) and each of the 28th volumes of the Laws series are ranked No.1 as the best-selling book for 31 consecutive years.

Part 2. The New Resurrection began the great missionary journey to “die for the Truth”

On May 14, 2004, Master Ryuho Okawa experienced a severe heart attack. After the checkup at the hospital, the doctor diagnosed, “Your heart is not moving. Medically speaking, you are dead.”

And Master Okawa was immediately sent to the ICU and hospitalized. However, Master Okawa became aware of his remaining mission and started his sacred work in his ward. Only after two weeks he was discharged. He had achieved a resurrection, in which goes beyond the common sense of the modern medical science.

The Power of miracle which goes beyond the common sense of modern medical science, “The New Resurrection”

The New Resurrection

This is a modern day myth.
The story will show you how a human,
who recognized his death as reality, accomplished true resurrection.

I think this completely goes beyond the common-sense
of modern medical science. (From preface)

In June 2007, Master started giving lectures to temples nationwide. In the same year in November, Master turned the First Turning of the Wheel of Truth overseas in Hawaii. The world missionary tour started from here, and he had completed giving lectures in all five continents. The Savior’s footsteps remain in countries as the hope for the future.

Scene of the First Turning of the Wheel of Truth in Hawaii, 2007

Over 40 thousand people gathered in Bodhi Gaya, India in 2011.

Many crowds were not able to enter the venue.

Lectures held overseas are recorded in books as well.

Ryuho Okawa Foreign language series. Master’s books are translated into 40 languages. (As of 2022) The salvation of the Messiah is spreading around the world.

Translated into 40 different languages

Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Part 3. Giving guidelines on Political and Educational Reformation

The Happiness Realization Party-The ideal of nation and politics

On April 30, 2009. The lecture, “The Declaration of the Happiness Realization Party” from Master Ryuho Okawa was the starting of The Happiness Realization Party. Many lectures and spiritual messages were sent out to Japan to show its ground design. Later, those lectures and spiritual messages were published as a book. Currently too, as the Leader of the country and as the World Teacher, Master is continuously showing the ideal politics.

Education that nurtures the soul which creates leaders of the world

To fulfill the nobles oblige, under the experiences and achievements through the ideal education of Happy Science, like Buddha’s Truth Success No.1, Happy Science Academy Junior and High School Nasu Main Campus (2010) and Kansai Campus (2013) was founded.

In 2015, to explore happiness and create new civilization as its core spirit, Happy Science University was founded in Japan as an authentic private school. Furthermore, education to nurture the hearts of younger generations through music and songs, picture books, and etc. are done in Happy Science as well.

Part 4. Over 600 public spiritual message series.

On the new year of 2010, “Introduction to The Laws of the Universe” was recorded. Public spiritual messages began at the end of the former year. Great warriors from the Meiji Restoration to famous politicians, and also gods have appeared to give messages. As the proof of the spiritual world, over 1250 public spiritual messages have been conducted, and over 600 are published in books. The one and only Master Ryuho Okawa is able to conduct, hear, and convey such spiritual Truth, and the fact about the great universe is unveiled to humanity. It shows the right way to live as a human being, which transcends the value of right from wrong of the universe.

Part 5. The Messiah’s field of art that goes beyond common sense.

Through 25 films in which the executive producer, original screenplay, and original concept by Ryuho Okawa, and also over 450 original music and song by Ryuho Okawa, Master is conveying the Truth through arts and music. In 2021, the year of the 40th anniversary of the Great Enlightenment, and the 35th anniversary of the Founding of Happy Science, poems, Haiku and Tanaka, and novels from the earlier days of Master Okawa had been published. Nowadays too, new types of novels and kaku-haiku are released in the world. The field of art which only the Messiah could create is now spreading far and wide.

The movie, “The Laws of the Universe-the age of Elohim”

The movie “The Cherry Bushido”

Part 6. Confronting Japan and the world crisis prevailing now.

Currently, the apocalyptic events are prevailing around us. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, the crisis of another world war and the great depression. Here, Master reveals the true intentions of the world leaders and are giving wisdom to overcome the earth’s crisis.

The world leaders’ true feelings and the whereabouts of the world.

Guides to live out the financial crisis and corona depression.

May as many people as possible awaken to the Truth and live with faith in God.

Afterword from The Path to Self-Discipline (tentative English translation)

Whatever unhappiness may fall upon humanity from now on, may they see the light of hope that now, Savior is living in the same age. May the sins of humanity be forgiven and the Earth be filled with love. May as many angels and bodhisattvas be nurtured in this current age too.

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