February 8, 2022

‘The Earth says: “All you need is Love”’, Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture for El Cantare Celebration

Master Ryuho Okawa gave the El Cantare Celebration lecture at Saitama Super Arena on December 14th, 2021. Master Okawa appeared in front of the 14 thousand people and this lecture was simultaneously broadcasted to about 3,500 locations nationwide and around the world.

In today’s Happy Science Eye, you can find out the points that Master Ryuho Okawa preached in the lecture entitled ‘The Earth says:”All you need is Love”.


・The truth about Ame-no-Mioya-Gami (Japanese Father God), that Master Okawa has revealed for the first time.

・China is using Confucianism to expand its hegemony, why?

・Is President Biden truly bringing cooperation and peace?

・Was Mao Zedong’s communism genuine? Why?

・What is the fundamental element, which is lacking in the current democracy?

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