Category: UFO Reading
Recorded: February 17, 2021
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Astonishing! A huge, New York-like man-made city beneath the surface of Mars.

In this spiritual reading, a dream interpretation for Master’s dream of going to Mars, R. A. Goal gave explanations about the underground city of Mars, which is developing in the same way as Earth, the role of Mars as a frontline base, the direction of “The Laws of the Universe,” and so on.

R. A. Goal

A space being from Planet Andalucia Beta in Ursa Minor. One of the commanders of the space defense force and a certified messiah. He has an aspect as a religious leader and has the power to create a superior civilization on a planetary level. Currently, he is responsible to protect El Cantare. He is one of the beings who is the cosmic soul of Shakyamuni Buddha.


◆(In his dream) Another earthquake has hit eastern Japan. Will something different happen in the future?
◆What are the secrets of the invisible cities of Mars?

◆Master’s “Missionary Tour around the Universe” is about to begin!

◆”Space Civil Law,” “Space Criminal Law,” and “Space Warfare Law.” – What are these “Space Laws”?

◆What’s underneath Mars?

◆What kind of people are living in the “Earth Village” on Mars?

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