Last week, we have learned that the one of the greatest weapon for fighting agianst negative spiritual influences is “SELF-REFLECTION.” If you keep cleasing your mind to take out the dirt you’ve accumilated, you will not just feel healthy, but also your mind and your body will feel light. Why?

From The Laws of Happines, by Master Okawa:

Experiencing the exhilaration of release from negative spiritual influences

“Through actual practice, I would like everyone to know the kind of power that can be developed through self-reflection. This is a mystical experience of the inner world. Upon reaching a certain level, I am sure many people will feel stray spirits that have been affecting them negatively for many years suddenly fall away. You may think that because they are spiritual beings, stray spirits do not have any physical weight, but the truth is that stray spirits weigh heavily on the soul. Although a spirit may possess no weight in this world, to the spiritual senses it is heavy.

There are people who have been possessed by a spirit for five, ten, or even twenty years, and people who inherited spirits from their parents and who have been carrying them unwittingly since childhood. You should know that no matter when a spirit first started to possess you, it can be removed through self-reflection. When it leaves, your shoulders, your back and spine will feel lighter. It will be as if you have laid down a heavy load. You really will feel much lighter after a stray spirit leaves you; your cheeks will glow and a warm light will enter your chest. This is something that I want you to experience. It is a spiritual experience everyone can have.

People who have worried and worried, who have suffered great pain before finally arriving at the Truth will have no doubt experienced the phenomenon of possession by stray spirits. In many cases these people have come under negative spiritual influences. If it were not the case, they would not have had to suffer as they do; the reason they suffer day and night is that they are possessed. They are influenced by a spirit that derives pleasure from their suffering, trying to aggravate their worries and drag them down to hell.

It feels extremely exhilarating to cast these spirits aside.

You feel refreshed. As I explained earlier, your cheeks flush, your pulse becomes lighter and your whole body seems to float. This is something I want you to experience. It is as if someone who has not bathed for ten years is able to get into a bath and remove all the accumulated grime. You will feel warm and comfortable. It is a spiritual experience that can be enjoyed without any risk, and I would like you to see for yourself how it feels.

This experience may happen while you are in the midst of self-reflection, or it may occur while reading one of my books. It may happen while you are attending seminars, or participating in a meditation or ritual prayer at a local chapter or meditation center of Happy Science. Suddenly you will feel something break away from you and your body will become lighter. It is impossible to say just when this will happen, but if you continue your activities in our organization, the opportunity will present itself. When I construct the laws of the Truth, prepare seminars and rituals, and instruct lecturers, I always bear this fact in mind. I do all this knowing that everyone will have this experience. There is no telling when this opportunity will present itself, but when it does I am sure it will change your life.

If you have come under some negative spiritual influence, then the first step is to remove it. If you do not, your guardian spirit will be unable to make contact with you. No matter how hard it may try to communicate, if your ears are blocked you will hear nothing.

When people have come under negative spiritual influences, even if they are invited to a local chapter or meditation center of our Institute after being introduced to and reading books on the Truth, they will find it impossible to enter. If they try to enter one of our buildings, they will find that all sorts of things happen to prevent them. For example, a relative may be involved in an accident, their family may try and stop them, or they may approach the building only to do a U-turn and return home. I am sure that many of our believers have experienced something of this sort.

The reason this happens is that a stray spirit affecting them prevents them from entering a building of the Institute for Research in Human Happiness. The spirit knows that if they become a believer, all the mischief it has worked over the years will be exposed and it will no longer be able to remain in possession. This is particularly true if a person receives the Gohonzon, the object of worship from our Institute, and sets up an altar in their house. For the spirit, it is the same as being under constant scrutiny. Every day, as the person recites our basic sutra, Buddha’s Teaching, “The Dharma of the Right Mind,” the spirit feels as if it is being preached to, and this is too much to bear. It will think, “Does this person intend to do this forever? Will they continue until they die? If that is the case, I think our relationship has gone on long enough.”

In this context, you can see how important it is in leading a religious life to create the habit of a regular practice for spiritual refinement; it is no good just practicing occasionally. As the person recites Buddha’s Teaching, “The Dharma of the Right Mind” before the altar every day, practicing self-reflection and praying, a light that will be painful to a stray spirit will begin to shine until, eventually, the spirit will be forced to leave. It will peel itself away gradually, but eventually the time will come when the last bond has been broken and one day it will suddenly disappear. The person will finally have reached the point where the stray spirit will not be able to return.

In the beginning the spirit will leave, but then return to possess the individual again, move away, then possess them once more, trying to hinder and harass. For instance, if it is a married man who has become a believer and his wife tries to oppose his belief, the spirit will move into the wife and do everything it can to stop him from continuing in his belief. It will make her say, “I don’t want you going to Happy Science and taking part in those activities,” “Next Sunday I want you to stay home and do some weeding in the garden.”

This often happens in the beginning and you will most likely be right in thinking that the stray spirit that used to possess you has moved to your partner. However, it will gradually become weaker. If you disengage from it, gradually conveying the Truth to your partner and children, you will create a strong field of light in your home. Eventually, the stray spirit will no longer be able to remain there.

This is work that cannot be seen with the eye, but it is a spiritual job that I perform every day throughout the world, working without rest. Spiritually, I work three hundred and sixty-five days a year without a break. I spend the whole year transmitting light. In the spirit world there are no holidays, it is an endless battle against stray spirits. This is why I would like you to believe. If you believe, the light will shine forth and fight against these spirits.

Stray spirits are actually pitiful; they used to be people just like everyone else. So first we have to get them to stop their wrong deeds and make them reflect upon what they have done. I would also like people on Earth to practice self-reflection. It is my prayer that the stray spirits, on seeing the people on Earth practicing self-reflection and emitting light, will also begin to reflect on their deeds. This is the goal toward which we would like to advance, accomplishing our ends little by little.”

As in the book, The Laws of Happiness written by Master Okawa says, we would no longer be affected by the negative spiritual influences if we practice self-reflection everyday and walk along the path of Truth. We can stay healthly both mentally and physically. This is the power of self-reflection. It is power that we have within ourselves.