Today, we would like to send a message to all the people who are suffering from negative spiritual influences and problems in life. [Do Not Give In!!]

We have been learning about and trying to overcome negative spiritual influences. We need to strongly think that our minds can change and attune to something heavenly.

Before we start, let’s go through what we have learned so far.

◌ Evil spirits and Stray spirits likes people with a negative mindset.
◌ First pull out the bad roots in our mind to cut out the negative mindset that attracts evil spirits.
◌ Self-reflection is the simplest weapon to drive away negative spiritual influences.

This week’s recommended book is, Guideposts to Happiness by Master Okawa.

“Whether or not we are aware of it, it is a fact that we are affected by spiritual influences in our daily lives. Most people come under negative spiritual influences and are affected by invisible temptations. The cause of this is what are known as “stray spirits,” spirits who once lived as human beings, worried and suffered the same sorts of problems that most people have, but who left this world before they were able to solve them. Their negative thoughts or vibrations are transmitted to you because the same negativity exists within yourself and is attracting them.

The existence of stray spirits gives rise to many questions. Every time I see or feel them, I wonder why human beings, dignified as they are, have to suffer in this way. I question why these spirits continue such foolish and shameful behavior, taking possession of people on Earth and making them suffer even more. But these spirits have their own way of thinking, and they do not know how to get out of their present state.

These spirits are not aware of the truth of the existence of the spirit world. The only thing on their minds is this earthly world, a world they are still trying to live in. They want to live in this material world for all eternity, so despite the fact that they no longer have physical bodies, without realizing or without even wanting to be aware that they have already died, they try to satisfy their desires by possessing people on Earth.

When you are aware that you have come under these sorts of negative spiritual influences, you need to let these spirits know what a mistake they are making and how wrong their behavior is. It is necessary to teach them that as long as they try to possess or influence people on Earth in a negative way, they can never be happy, because by doing so, they are only creating more wrongdoing. As their mistakes accumulate, they suffer even more, and by making living people suffer as well, their suffering increases endlessly.


Keeping this in mind, do not give in to these spirits. Instead, have the courage to make them realize their mistake. It is also an act of love to teach them how wrong it is to possess and delude people living on Earth. You need to search for and find the right way to live as a human being. To provide these spirits with the opportunity to reflect on their thoughts and deeds instead of being controlled by them, it is essential that you yourself emit a brilliant light.

1. Firm Faith in God 2. Practice Love that Gives 3. Give Gratitude for your Life

To prevent stray spirits from coming into existence and to create a world where no such spirits are able to exert any influence, it is necessary that everyone be determined to observe the following three points. First, have a firm faith in the existence of God. A truly wonderful world begins with believing. Have faith in God and also believe in guiding spirits in the heavenly world. When the Laws of Truth are taught, it is important to be connected to the Truth by taking refuge in the Dharma. These attitudes are the very thoughts that tie you to God with a golden rope, protecting you from all sorts of negative spiritual influences.

Those who have lost the will to take refuge in the Dharma will lose hold of the rope and will have to overcome negative influences on their own. When fighting to be rid of negative spiritual influences, it is important to take refuge in the Dharma and tie yourself firmly to the golden rope from God.

Secondly, you should devote yourself fully to the practice of love that gives. When you give love, you should not forget about purity of soul. You must express love in your thoughts and actions with pure motives. If you give love with motives that are not pure, that love will not benefit anyone; it will do you no good nor the person receiving it. It is important to offer love selflessly, with pure intentions.

The third thing you need when fighting to overcome negative spiritual influences is gratitude for the fact that God has given you life. Among those stray spirits I have come into contact with, it was very clear that not a single one had a sense of gratitude. To be born human and lead a life without gratitude is so sad. Living with a grateful heart indicates that you are discovering many blessings in life; it shows that you have enough room in your mind to appreciate what is around you. When you have gratitude, you radiate light from within.

When fighting against negative spiritual influences, I would like you to remember the following truth. Stray spirits have disturbed hearts, they are full of complaints, grievances, and unfulfilled desires. Looking back, everyone without exception will find they have experienced these sorts of feelings in the course of their lives. However, as long as you remember to fill your heart with gratitude, something stray spirits never do, you will be able to find your way out to a different wavelength. If your mind is constantly agitated and overwhelmed by feelings of misfortune, it is highly likely that you have come under negative spiritual influences, so please remember this word, “gratitude.” When you have a grateful heart, you will no longer be the victim of negative spiritual influences.”