If there is a simplest weapon for fighting evil spirits would you like to use it? Last week, we have mentioned that what is important in driving away evil spirits is to pull out the ‘bad root’ in your mind. Today, we would like to introduce “how” to pull it out.

[SELF-REFLECTION] is the key to regain yourself.

Today, we will learn from the book, The Laws of Happiness by Master Okawa.

“While it is vital to stay in good physical shape, there are other weapons that you can use when fighting against negative spiritual influences. The simplest weapon is self-reflection. If you have come under negative spiritual influences, you should not place the blame entirely on the spirits affecting you negatively. If you have been possessed for some time it is because you yourself have some tendency that attunes to them. Actually, you are not fighting with stray spirits but rather you are engaged in a battle with your own “evil within.”

Like the story of Shakyamuni Buddha conquering the Devil and attaining enlightenment, if you find that you are surrounded by evil attacking you, it is because there is something inside you that attracts it. When you face the final temptation, stray spirits will take advantage of any delusion to sneak into your heart.

When you succeed in doing away with weaknesses in your mind, you will find that they are no longer able to possess you, and will suddenly detach themselves. When stray spirits attach themselves to a person, they fit themselves in smoothly like a plug going into a socket, and double the person’s fatigue and anxiety. There is nothing that these spirits enjoy more than the worry or suffering of their host. They think, “Let’s make him suffer more,” “Let’s drive him mad so he kills himself,” or “Let’s destroy his life somehow.” This is how they do their harm.


Spots that are famous for suicides are often inhabited by these sorts of spirits. When a person sharing the same worries visits the area, the spirit can slip into their heart. The individual will then start to act in the same way as the spirit did and commit suicide in the same way. They will become the victim of an Earth-bound spirit. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not frequent places where many people have died. It is not a good idea to visit such places even for a dare; just keep yourself away from these spots.

You can be affected by a spirit related to a particular place or by one with whom you had some kind of relationship when it was still human. While spirits with which you have some relationship will find it easy to approach you, even unrelated spirits will come close if they feel that you are on the same wavelength as them. The concept of distance does not exist in the spirit world, so if you share their wavelength, they will be attracted from anywhere. If you feel that your heart is attuned to hell, first do what you can yourself. In this situation, self-reflection will serve as your weapon.”