Happy Science Eye 2nd Introduction of the latest movie “The Divine Protector-Master Salt Begins”

Yoichi Utebi, the producer and staff of Happy Science introduces more on the messages that are delivered in this movie “The Divine Protector-Master Salt Begins”. Watch both Yoichi’s talk and the trailer and find your nearest Happy Science locations to watch the movie!!


●Introducing exclusive clip from this movie -Scene of “Master Salt vs. Red Demon”
● What is the poison of the mind “Anger”?
● Why “Anger” can be a cause of a curse?
● What kind of negative effect “Anger” will bring to our everyday life?

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At 7:07 PM, the occult club members are holding a ritual ceremony to summon “Master Salt” to help one of the members, Nanako, who has been struck by mysterious incidents. Out of nowhere, the divine protector, Master Salt appears with a blast of wind. She sees through the identity of the spirit that cursed Nanako and repels the curse. After that event, Nanako and her friends ask Master Salt to repel the curses that bring misery to people. They discover that this world is full of people who curse others. What will Master Salt and the girls encounter in the battle against a powerful enemy?

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● Introducing the latest movie, “The Divine Protector-Master Salt Begins” from Happy Science

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