When you think about “curses” what do you imagine? Curses are actually everywhere; at work, home… It’s very common in our lives now. First, let’s learn the basic mechanism of a “curse.”


“Curse” is a thought of bringing unhappiness to others.

The heart of resentment and jealousy to others, hatred, grudges toward others…such thoughts that bring unhappiness to others becomes “curses.” When such thoughts of curse gets stronger, it can become ikiryo (a living ghost) and possess other people. When people get possessed by ikiryo, many disturbances such as illnesses, accidents, sleep paralysis, rapping noises, and other spiritual phenomenon occurs.

When you curse others, you become unhappy as well.

When you curse others, you will invite evil spirits which have the same kind of resentments as you. (Law of Same Wavelengths’ Attraction). When you are possessed by evil spirits, the thoughts of grudges and jealously increase even more. If you live with a negative mindset it can lead you to hell, so it is very important to learn how to control your mind while you are still alive.

A curse is a thought to bring unhappiness to others. Actually, by making others unhappy you are trying to advance your self-realization. (From “The Method to Repel Curses” (tentative English translation)

Experiences of being cursed and cursing.

A curse comes from a person’s thoughts.

There are many who are cursing others or inviting curses without realizing.

Here, we will introduce some episodes relating to curses that happened in reality.

Member’s Story 1: An Unknown Illness was Cured when I reflected on the negative thoughts towards my parents-in-law (K.M Female 60’s, Housewife)

It was when I started living together with my father-in-law and mother-in-law because of my husband’s transfer. I didn’t get along with them over house work and lifestyle and I felt stressed out every day. From around that time, strangely, I had an intensive pain on my legs and I had a tough time carrying out my daily activities. I went to see a doctor but the cause was not found and the pain killers did not help. One day, there was a moment when I saw a spirit of a snake coiling around my leg.

I was very surprised but I understood that my negative thoughts of denying my parents-in-law invited the spirit and that triggered the pain in my legs.

So then, I opened the books of Master Ryuho Okawa and started to reflect on my mind through the teachings. I made daily efforts to control the negative thoughts towards them.

After a while, I was able to look at their bright side and the feeling of gratitude welled up bit by bit. As my mind changed gradually, the pain faded away and it was completely cured within a month.

Member’s Story 2: Breaking the Curse from Colleagues(R.M Male 60’s, Public Servant)

Around the time I was performing well at my job and was receiving numerous awards, there was a group of colleagues who used to treat me very poorly out of jealousy. Whenever they saw me, they were very hostile toward me. I tried my best to contain myself and endure the harassment and strong feelings of hate I was getting from them. But in due time, it affected my body and I began experiencing palpitations and constant heart pain. I decided to join the Eightfold Path Seminar* which was held at Happy Science temple. As I deeply reflected on myself, I found out that I had a tengu mind, or conceit, and was overly proud of my achievements, and this mind of mine was subtly inflicting pain on my colleagues. Since then, I made efforts to change the way I speak to my colleagues, chose my words wisely, and became more considerate toward their feelings. Soon after, my colleagues stopped harassing me and the pain in my chest went away.

Member’s Story 3: I was Cursing My Husband (R.I Female 50’s, Teacher)

My husband started experiencing pain in his legs and lower back. So, I took the kigan prayer, “Prayer to Counter Ikiryo and Break Disease-Causing Curse”* at a Happy Science temple. His pain subsided soon after, but I started experiencing the same pain in the same place.
Since the pain came to me right after I took the kigan, it got me thinking; “Perhaps it was me, and I was the ikiryo causing pain to my husband,” and I self-reflected. That was when I noticed my critical and aversive feelings I had toward him. After my husband’s retirement, he was home most of the time and he became a nuisance. This thought of mine had become a curse that caused him pain, and it came back to me after taking the kigan. Since then, I pledged to change myself and become a better person.

I recalled many good memories with my husband and tried to remember the feelings that I had toward him when I first met him and made efforts to build a harmonious relationship with him again. Within 2 months, all my pain disappeared. My husband is also doing well.

Have a transparent heart in order not to curse or be cursed.

Illness, accidents, and failures at work-

behind these troubles may be the influence of a negative mindset in human relationships that resulted in the curse. We will introduce you to two important points so that you do not curse anyone or be cursed.

Study Buddha’s Truth

Curses are often triggered through romantic relationships and money, the greed of self-realization, and so on. Moreover, one who emits curses is usually the type of person who is persistent or blames others and the environment when problem arises.

In order to prevent from generating curses, it is important to learn the right way to live from the perspective of Truth through Master Okawa’s teachings, control your greed, and acquire the power to make rational decisions.

Recommended Movie

The movie, “The Divine Protector-Master Salt Begins” conveys the origin of the unhappiness produced by curses. Master Salt believes in Buddha and from the teachings of Buddha, she gives a verdict of good or evil.

The movie reveals the secrets to protect yourself from evil spirits and curses.

Aim for a mind like a mirror through self-reflection and meditation.

The very secret of not cursing others or being cursed is to polish your mind like a mirror every day through self-reflection and meditation.

If you feel that you are attacked by negative thoughts, look at yourself objectively and reflect on whether you were at fault, and make an effort to transform yourself. Aim for spiritual growth through humility and try to stand in the other person’s shoes and be able to consider their feelings.

Recommended Kigan

Prayer: “Prayer to Return Living Spirits and Repel Illnesses

This kigan is to repel ikiryo (living spirit) which hinders people’s happiness and to return curses and illnesses like a mirror. Ask your nearest Happy Science temple for more information.

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A new hero movie is released -Save those who are suffering from curses.

This movie, “The Divine Protector-Master Salt Begins” is a story about Shioko Kamono, a mysterious woman who has the power to repel curses. A hero type movie that saves modern people who are suffering from curses. You can find many influences of curses behind life worries and sufferings and the secret to repel them are revealed. Check out the movie for yourself.

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