Category: A Lecture Given Through Spiritual Message
Recorded: February 24, 2022
Available at branch, temple, shoja

Marks the 3,400th Lecture / 1,250th Public Spiritual Message!!

This spiritual message from Jesus Christ “To Those of Little Faith” marks the 3400th lecture and 1250th public spiritual message. In this spiritual message, Jesus Christ talked about humanity that is facing a time of crisis due to the diminishing content of faith, and how to prepare ourselves to grasp eternal life by preserving our pure faith.

This spiritual message is recommended especially to leader members, those who want to know more about the Bushido spirit that “Ame-no-Mioya-Gami (Japanese Father God)” have preached, those who have watched Happy Science movies and became interested in faith, or those who are related to religion. Also, the Kyouten “The Laws Of Messiah,” “The Laws of Faith,” and “True Faith” (Only available in Happy Science Temples) are recommended.

◆No faith, no enlightenment!
――What is the connection between faith and enlightenment?

◆What is “the depth of faith” ?

Are you thinking of faith as a worldly benefit, like if you just believe, good things will happen?

◆What is the best way to think about faith and miracle?

◆”There will always be a time when your faith is tested”
――What is the faith that Happy Science must have to become a world religion?

◆What are the tendencies of those who become a tengu and seek to become god itself?

◆Because humans have faith, there are times when you need to make decisions that you cannot compromise. There is a belief that you must stick to.


What I have been thinking as faith was totally different from what Jesus Christ had preached. I want to make an effort to grasp “true faith” in this lifetime.(60s Male)