December 11, 2021

‘On Master Okawa’s recent English lecture,
“It’s enough” mind

What should we do when we cannot see the future?

This mindset is something that we need now.

What kind of mindset should we have to live through tough times that are difficult to foresee the future? In this lecture, Master has preached the way to live happily through the spirit of Buddhism in times of difficulties in plain words in English. Master has also revealed the true history of the relation between Taiwan and China.
Many people received hope and vitality through listening to this lecture.

Many essential contents that are necessary for human beings are condensed in this 40 minute lecture!

・Get back to the orgin
・Know the spiritual truth
・What is the purpose of life?
・Master an “It’s enough” mind
・How to overcome difficult times
・The current world situation
・Plus the China & Taiwan issue…

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