Category: UFO Reading
Recorded: October 11, 2021
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The cosmic being, Yaidron, gave a perspective on the tense situation in Taiwan, China’s domestic problems, and perspective about coronavirus infection

Who is “Yaidron”?

Yaidron is the Messiah-like existence from Planet Elder in the Magellanic Clouds. His power is akin to the high-dimensional spirits of Earth’s spirit world and he is akin to the god of justice. His role on Planet Elder is similar to a judge and politician of the highest grade, and he governs the justice and judgment there. He received teachings from El Cantare on a messiah-training planet, and is now a protector of Ryuho Okawa who is El Cantare on earth. Yaidron is a being beyond his physical and spirit bodies, having an unlimited lifespan.

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Not only Happy Science members but also those who watched the movie “The Laws of the Universe-The Age of Elohim”, supporters of HRP, those who want to know about the outlook on the Coronavirus pandemic etc.

◆Taiwan is on the verge of a crisis!
–What is China’s three-step strategy by 2030?

◆What are the real reasons why the US military is pulling out of Iraq?

◆The bankruptcy of a major real estate company in China. What will be the impact on the Chinese economy?

◆Why has Coronavirus infection slowed down and what are the prospects for the future?

◆What adversities lie ahead for the Kishida administration in terms of the economy, national security, and more?

◆Is there any intervention from space against China’s arrogance?
–What are the expectations for Happy Science?


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