April 7, 2021

Uncovering the false claims by VICE

Happy Science International PR has started its new YouTube channel in English, “Happy Science Eye.” The first episode is our counterarguments against a slander movie by an America-based internet medium, VICE.

Topics: Truths about Happy Science disinformed by VICE

1. Happy Science is not an “Ultra-right” cult which seeks “Japan’s military expansion”.
2. There is no a “Pyramid Scheme” in Happy Science.
3. The truth about Kyoko and Hiroshi Okawa.
4. The Spiritual messages of Happy Science are all real.

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“VICE, a Public Nuisance: Happy Science’s Dismissals of Its Groundless Claims”

Another counterargument article against VICE has been posted on The Liberty WebIn this article, four major false claims by VICE are dismissed.
Click The Liberty Web to read the article.