Category: UFO Reading
Recorded: November 29, 2020
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“The Golden Age will come when you realize that you are living together with Savior”

Spread the song and the fact of “With Savior” to the world and open the age of miracles! What is the proof of the begininng of the Golden Age? The words of savior will continue leading the world, the year 2021 and onwards.


“With Savior: Messages from Space Being Yaidron”

“UFO Reading – Our expectation of songs by space beings – (Yaidron 30) plus Original Song of “With Savior””

“Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirits of Biden and Trump”

“Biden vs. Trump: Spiritual Interviews with their Guardian Spirits”

“Spiritual Message from Guardian Spirit of President Donald Trump”

“The movie, Twiceborn

” “If President Trump Loses, Then The U.S. Will Have Lost to China in a Virus War” Master Okawa Lectures on the Progress of the U.S. Presidential Election”

El Cantare Celebration Coming Soon!