Last week we have learned that the negativity in ourselves attracts evil spirits or stray spirits. These spirits charge their energy and ‘live’ through people’s negative thoughts and minds. People may think it is easy to drive them away, since there are many religions that conduct prayers and perform exorcism. However, even if we think the spirits have left, it’s often ‘temporary.’ They come back again after a few hours, days, weeks, or even months later. WHY? Because we need to pull out the ‘bad root’ that stems from our minds.

-From Spiritual World 101

“People on earth might go to exorcists to have evil spirits removed, hang holy charms on their walls to keep evil spirits at bay or carry holy amulets to protect themselves. However, what scares evil spirits the most is somebody who lives with the mind of Buddha as his own.

When an exorcist has spiritual, supernatural or psychic powers, he can certainly expel the evil spirits with the light of exorcism, but it only has a temporary effect. Once the person who has been exorcised leaves that place, the effect will soon wane and evil spirits will again be drawn to the same clouded areas of the mind.

Therefore, no matter how many times the person may drive out evil spirits, the spirits will soon return. It is exactly the same as trying to shoo away a fly – no matter how hard you shoo it away, it will come back again. That is because there is something there that attracts it. That is the mechanism of spiritual possession.

In short, it is nothing but your own mind that attracts evil spirits. The clouds over your mind are the root of the problem. Therefore, by removing the clouds from your mind, evil spirits will have no choice but to leave. This is the truth I want to teach here.”

Today, we have learned that the most important thing is to change our mindset to something positive and constructive in order to remove our clouds covering the mind. However, there are also other a few other things that we need to know when fighting against evil spirits.

→Next week, we will introduce the tips through Master Okawa’s book, The Laws of Happiness.