Since 1994, Happy Science has been portraying the invisible world and informing society by producing movies. Themes include the existence of Buddha and God, of course, along with realms in the other world, reincarnation and even the mysteries of the universe. Before The Laws of the Universe –Part 0 will be released this coming fall in 2015, here are the universe-related topics and scenes from our movies.

Secret 1 The Existence of Evil Aliens Exerting Influence Over Earth


The movie above depicts evil aliens planning to invade Earth, in addition to end-of-the-world phenomena such as great earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear war. A number of events such as the Roswell UFO incident and the slaughter of livestock, which was presumed to be done by aliens*, took place since the dropping of the A-bombs in 1945.
However, in his lectures such as “A Lecture on Shinko no Susume (Finding Faith),” Master Okawa taught that there may be an outer-space intervention on civilization if humankind tries to destroy themselves. The movie was made as a warning toward humans.

* Also known as cattle mutilation. Parts of their body, mainly of cattle, are sliced and removed using something similar to a laser. A feature of this method is that there is not a single drop of blood left on the carcass.

A scene showing the site of cattle mutilation, a phenomenon reported since 1960, mainly in the U.S.

A shot of a Reptilian

Secret 2 The Moment of Creation of the Universe, Revealed on an Epic Scale!

Today, it is presumed that the universe was created roughly 13.8 billion years ago, but that is pure hypothesis. This movie looks back at 100 billion years of history, magnificently depicts the moment when the universe was created, describing its process and the intentions of the gods. The Laws of the Sun is a piece that provides visual answers to the fundamental question, “What is the purpose of the universe?”

The moment of creation of Earthlings

A scene depicting the UFO that appeared during the time of Shakyamuni Buddha

Secret 3 The Principles of Space Travel and Time Machine

The movie is about a boy and a girl, both from the future, time traveling to visit the eras when great figures in human history, such as Buddha, Jesus and Moses, were alive. They use a time machine to travel through time; the Spirit World is revealed as one of the routes used for that. As Master Okawa says in Secrets of the Everlasting Truths, the basic principles of a time machine and those of spaceship navigation could be closely related. The movie may guide you to the secrets of transcending time and space.

A scene of a time machine traveling through the Spirit World

The main character passing through four-dimensional space as his physical body converts into a spiritual body


Secret 4 Contact with Space People Has Already Begun

A near-future prediction film in which the leader of an international secret society, that embraces liberty and peace, fights against an aggressor nation with the help of the Spirit World and space people. The movie gives a realistic depiction of contact with space people.

Various UFOs in The Mystical Laws

Unity beyond planetary differences


More information on the universe will be revealed in this coming fall!
The Laws of the Universe – Part 0

Universe Part0

Copyright@2015 Ryuho Okawa, Essential Edition Space People Readings –Diversity of Beings in the Universe- (Tokyo: IRH Press, 2015)

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The Laws of the Universe –Part 0 is coming soon this fall!