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Happy Science Monthly 258

Time flies by so quickly with the change of seasons from summer to autumn! In this issue, we have A Guide for the Mind on the human desire for recognition and the importance of an unshakable mind. Master’s Special Message continues with how to deal with stress concerning criticisms and worries. Plus, we have a special report on the Celebration of El Cantare’s Descent and the Pilgrimage Tour, with new publication releases and the next Happy Science movie – it is certainly an exciting time of the year!


● A Guide for the Mind: The Desire for Recognition & an Unshakable Mind
● Contemplation Points: The Desire for Recognition & an Unshakable Mind
● Master’s Special Message: Tips on Stress Management (Part 2)
● The Laws of the Universe: Space People Readings & The Laws of the Universe movie
Celebration of the Lord’s Descent: A special report and viewers’ comments
● 2015 Pilgrimage Tour: A special report on the ‘Stay with El Cantare’ Pilgrimage Tour
● World News: News from Hawaii, Canada and the Philippines
● Book Reviews, News & Releases: Prosperity Thinking book, Tokyo book fair and prayer book
● Happiness Planting: A basic explanation on this act to support happiness
● Nepal Earthquake Disaster Support: Support for Nepal

● Happy Science Contacts: Worldwide Contacts and the Malaysia Local Temple Spotlight

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