Second video -Introduction of the latest movie “Let It Be ― Fear Never Ends(Into the Dreams…and Horror Experiences 2)”

-True Horror is not knowing the real existence of After Life
-This movie is supporting the book “The Laws of Hell”
-Why the book “The Laws of Hell” and the movie “Let It Be” now?
-Fear will keep following you if you keep holding on to it


//// STORY ////

One day, Keiji Kamiyama, a psychological counselor, receives an offer from a TV studio. He is asked to do a spiritual reading on a college student who experienced something that could only be described as a paranormal phenomenon. When he conducts a reading, Keiji sees a vision that no one expected―a curse of blood that has transcended time and space. Keiji faces a number of bizarre phenomena, but he conducts readings to reveal the Truth behind the seemingly unexplainable events: a creepy old woman appearing late at night, a mysterious handprint left on a leg, and a woman jumping off from a ceiling out of nowhere, spiritual phenomenon of wet footprints suddenly appearing and disappearing before one’s eyes. In the end, you will know the real meaning of “Fear never ends.”


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