Category: Spiritual Message
Recorded: July 2 & 3, 2022
Available at branch, temple, shoja

When is the “time to withdraw” the “Russia-Ukraine war”?
What is Trump’s “conclusion” to President Biden?


The guardian spirit of President Biden spoke about his miscalculation in intervening in the “Russia-Ukraine War,” and the guardian spirit of Mr. Trump’s spoke about his points and criticisms of President Biden, as well as ideas for constructive solutions to international problems, including “Coronavirus,” “Ukraine,” and “China. Both spiritual interviews are recommended for those who are interested in the “Russia-Ukraine issue,” those who are interested in international politics, and the supporters of the Happiness Realization Party.

Together with this, the Kyouten, “The Laws Of Messiah,” “Putin’s Real Intentions on Ukraine Invasion-Interview with the President’s Guardian Spirit,” “The Unknown Stigma 1,” “The Unknown Stigma 2 [The Resurrection],” and etc, are recommended. and the novels, “The Unknown Stigma 1 2 3” and etc are also recommended.


[Spiritual messages from the guardian spirit of President Biden]

◆Is there a possibility that intervention in the “Russia-Ukraine war” will fail and the country will fall from “hyperinflation” into a “Great Recession”?

◆Can the U.S. “withdraw” from Ukraine while protecting its “pride”?

[Spiritual message from the guardian spirit of Trump]

◆What is “lacking” in Mr. Biden who does not understand “economy”?

◆Advice for Japan’s defense and diplomacy.

◆If Mr. Trump were a president now, how would he deal with the “Russia-Ukraine war”?



Unlike the outlook of President Biden, I could see that Mr. Trump has a firm idea of how to solve the problems of the “Russia-Ukraine war” and the “economy.”

(Female, 30’s)