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Recorded: February 9, 2022
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What is the God’s Will behind the coronavirus pandemic?
King Midas who became a space being talks on the near future of humanity.

King Midas, who once made Greece a prosperous country and has now become a space being talks on the whereabouts of the coronavirus pandemic and a harsh future that awaits humanity depending on how we act.

【King Midas】

In Greek mythology he is said to be the king of Phrygia in the west central part of Anatolia. It is said that he has bestowed the power to turn everything to gold.

This spiritual reading is recommended to Happy Science members, those who have received “The Laws Of Messiah,” those who have watched or who are going to watch the film, “The Cherry Bushido,” or those who want to know the outlook of the corona situation and so on.
Furthermore, How to Survive in the Coronavirus Recession, Kigan on “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China,” “Prayer for Preventing the Infection of Coronavirus Variants,” “Prayer for Suppressing Corona Vaccine Side Effects,” are also recommended. (Please contact your nearest Happy Science branch, temple, shoja for more info.)

◆What will happen to China, the country that has spread the Coronavirus?

◆How come the age range differ every time the new variant goes viral?

◆What comes next after the Omicron variant?
-The trial that humanity will face in three years.

◆The reason why space beings preach the importance of having pure faith and to work diligently.



Warnings are being issued from various space beings and so I would like to make an effort to elevate my faith. (60s Male)

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