January 21, 2022 (Latest update January 22, 2022)

The Happy Science Group Has Won a Libel Suit,
Various falsehood in Hiroshi Okawa’s YouTube videos have been convicted

On 21 January 2022, Tokyo District Court ordered Mr. Hiroshi Okawa to pay 1.32 million JPY of compensation for damages caused by his multiple YouTube videos. In the libel suit, filed on 28 June 2019; Happy Science, ARI Production Ltd. and New Star Production Ltd. demanded 20 million JPY for damages caused by the YouTube videos posted by Mr. Hiroshi Okawa. The court ordered Mr. Hiroshi Okawa to pay 660 thousand JPY to Happy Science, 330 thousand JPY to New Star Production Ltd., and 330 thousand JPY to ARI Production Ltd. The court ruled in favour of the Happy Science Group. In the sentence, the court also ordered Mr. Hiroshi Okawa to delete his videos on YouTube.

By this sentence, Mr. Hiroshi Okawa’s various falsehoods were officially recognized. The defamation, compensation for damages, and deletion of YouTube videos have been approved.

Happy Science strongly wishes Mr. Hiroshi Okawa takes this sentence seriously, regret from the bottom of his heart, and will never desecrate people’s faith, make mendacious statements, and defame others.

Public Relations Division

The Happy Science Group