“The Laws Of Messiah” is the guide for 2022 to the world!

Lord God speaks to you

The Messiah has now descended on Earth. He reveals about Truth and happiness, and is trying to end the confusion of the world.

Here, “The Laws Of Messiah” tells the truth about the descent of the Messiah.
May the messages reach to you and to the world.

What kind of being is messiah or savior?

〇The 21st century seen from the God’s eyes.
 The crisis of the Earth and the optimal state of being

〇God of Mercy and Justice “Elohim”
 Value judgement of good and evil on Earth

〇Jesus Christ, Hong Xiuquan, John Lennon, Nelson Mandela
Past movements of messiah and their tragedies

〇Revealing the truth for the first time in human history
 Shambhala that promotes the spiritual awakening of humanity

〇The Earth is a training ground for the soul
 Believe in God and the importance to love

Protect Hong Kong and Taiwan!
The key to protect the peace of Japan and the world

〇After Hong Kong and Taiwan comes the invasion of Senkaku Island and Okinawa
 Japan could be colonized?!

〇COVID outbreak is from Chinese biological weapons
 Have wisdom to see through secret plots set by evil countries

〇A.I totalitarianism will lead to the violation of human rights
 The danger of “surveillance capitalism” seen in GAFA

〇Ms. Greta is used by China?!
 The hidden downfall of the strategies for decarbonization enacted by Western advanced countries.

[Table of Contents]

Chapter One “Now, here, Elohim is thinking about.”
Chapter Two “What the Messiah Should Say and Do Now”
Chapter Three “The Teachings of Messiah”
Chapter Four “The Heart of the Earth”
Chapter Five “The Love of Messiah”

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