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This book is the spiritual messages from Metatron—one of the highest-ranking angels (seraphim) in Judaism and Christianity—, recorded on June 2021. According to the spiritual reading of Happy Science, Metatron is one of the saviors of universe, who has guided the civilizations of many planets including Earth, under the guidance of Lord God. Such savior has sent a message upon seeing the crisis of earth: “the continued spread of COVID-19”, “the rise of China”, “economic crisis, approaching around the world”. This is the message of hope to defeat the catastrophe. The content includes the stand from the eyes of higher dimension. Such content can definitely not be attained from press or internet.

General Outlook
・The truth behind the Coronavirus pandemic
—What is the origin of Coronavirus? Why do variants appear one after another?
・The unimaginable extent of China’s desire
—What is the true intention behind China, pushing for the “vaccine diplomacy”?
・The danger of appeasement policy towards China
—Do not forget that the rise of Hitler was because of the appeasement deal.
・The secret of Metatron
—What is the relationship with Jesus Christ?

Okawa is the Master of Happy Science, a religion founded in 1986 and now joined by people in more than 160 countries across the world. He has given over 3,350 lectures and has published a total of more than 2,900 books worldwide, many of which are translated into 37 languages. Among these books, over 600 of them are the Spiritual Interview series recorded through Okawa’s unparalleled spiritual ability. He can summon the spirit of any deceased person or any guardian spirit of a living person.

“Increase the good and decrease the evil. Strengthen faith in God or Buddha. Stop the proliferation of those who have become conceited due to the progress of materialistic science. The light of the future will never shine on those who scoff at the words of the Savior.” ― Ryuho Okawa, Afterword―


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Publisher: HS Press (November 4, 2021)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1943928193
ISBN-13: 978-1943928194