Category: Lecture
Recorded: October 3, 2021
Available at branch, temple, shoja

For those who want to learn more about love!

This lecture is about the overall philosophy and ideology of love.

This lecture was based on the very important kyouten released recently, “The Developmental Stages of Love – the original theory,” in Japanese (available in English from around mid 2022).
Explanations of the meaning of the “Philosophy of Love and Happiness,” which is the starting point of the Master Okawa’s thoughts, and “Sacred Love,” which is completely different from the love in general, were revealed.

How can we improve our love by disciplining and refining ourselves?
True love is not the give and take relationship for your own profit only.

【Specifically Recommended to…】

Not only Happy Science members but also students, youth and those who have watched Happy Science movies, etc.

◆”The Developmental Stages of Love – the original theory” could have been the first kyouten!

◆Why is “The Developmental Stages of Love” taught again now?

◆What is “Sacred Love” beyond “love between man and woman”?

◆What is the “necessary way of thinking” in order to give love as a leader?

◆What the Lord wants to say about “love” between young people today.


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