Category: Spiritual Reading
Recorded: December 29, 2016
Available at branches, local temples, main temples

A rare spiritual message that is the original source material for “The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim”(coming this fall)

In this spiritual reading, Elohim spoke about the background of the time 150 million years ago when Elohim descended to earth, the state of the cities, the appearance and characteristics of the race from outer space, and etc. were revealed in detail. He also spoke about the teachings he preached to humanity at that time.

【Specifically Recommended to…】

Not only Happy Science members but also those who watched the movies, “‘The Laws of the Universe’ series” and “Beautiful Lure-A Modern Tale of ‘Painted Skin'”, those who joined the Goseitansai lecture “Now, here, Elohim is thinking about.”, those are interested in “The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim”, etc.

◆What is the difference between the Lord’s “core consciousness” and other “nine-dimensional spirits”?

◆What was happening during the time of Elohim’s descent?
Why was it necessary to make a distinction between “earthly good and evil”?

◆Elohim’s “appearance” and “special abilities”. What are his fighting methods?

◆A real “space wars” over the Earth. And battles on a galactic level, beyond the Earth.

◆What is the “appearance” and the “mission” of Panguru, who was close to God Elohim?

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