Category: Spiritual Message
Recorded: June 18, 2021
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Now is the critical juncture that will determine the future direction of our planet!

In this spiritual message, the cosmic being, Metatron, gave a cosmic perspective on Japanese politics and the international situation, while indicating the direction of the salvation activities of Happy Science.

【Specifically Recommended to…】

Not only Happy Science members but also those who are interested in the universe, space beings, international politics, those who are related to religion, etc.


◆Can a vaccine really stop coronavirus spread? – What is the “vaccine diplomacy” being planned by China?

◆The key player is Japan! – The “critical role” in international politics.

◆What is the idealistic Japanese domestic politics from now on?

◆Now is the time for religious forces to reunite! – The “role” and “mission” to be played by Happy Science.

◆Why did Franklin Roosevelt change his policy in World War II? What is the spiritual truth behind it?

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