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The Laws of Happiness: The Four Principles of Happiness, Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection and Progress is the eighth volume of Ryuho Okawa (originally published in Japan in 2003) since The Laws of the Sun. The four principles are based on the Laws of Mind and every chapter of this book endeavors to provide mindset and practical tips how to attain true happiness for of all walks of life. Mastering the Fourfold Path of Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection and Progress are essential to our soul growth.

According to author and spiritual leader Ryuho Okawa, we are all spiritual beings with eternal life who repeatedly reincarnate for the purpose of our soul training. Based on this spiritual Truth, Okawa outlines methods to help us improve and lead a more meaningful and fruitful existence. Chapter One introduces how to turn negative fate to positive one when faced with difficult circumstances, we can change the course of our lives and overcome unfavorable destiny through our own effort. Okawa reveals the true purposes of this world and our lives as concrete advice for us. Chapter Two touches upon on improving happiness in work providing some practical tips to improve our overall work and people skills. Okawa accents the importance of finding a mission and frames steps to improve our skills, with tips to boost self-planning and time management efficacy. Chapters Three and Four explore the four principles to attain happiness – Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection, and Progress; powerful axioms that impart an easy, yet profound, spiritual framework to ground this rapidly-advanced and highly-competitive society. By practicing these four principles, we can sensibly learn from the precious lessons of life and polish a brilliant soul. Chapter Five introduces the ideal world that Okawa aspires to create through the Happy Science movement. According to Okawa, utopia is a world based on faith, love, and enlightenment; in concert, we can overcome seemingly insurmountable hardship and usher a new age, which Okawa coined The Age of the Sun, the world based on his first Law series, The Laws of the Sun where all people live harmoniously through giving love and elevating their souls overcoming the differences and hatred.


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