Category: Lecture
Recorded: May 2nd, 2020
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What are the guidelines for the life that disciples should aim for? Learn from Master’s attitude of making efforts.

In this lecture, Master reflected on His life at the present moment and shared with us the way of thinking that He had been cherishing, efforts He had been making, how to make decisions, and so on.

【Specifically Recommended to…】
Not only the members of Happy Science but also students, young generations, those who are related to religions, etc.

◆From the time of childhood to school days, what kind of mind did Master have and how did He spend His time?

◆How did Master Ryuho Okawa overcome the feeling of inferiority and jealousy?

◆Important points to learn as “The Lord’s theory of life”!

◆What are the “great people’s stories” and “novels” that influenced in His youth?

◆What are the weaknesses of the novel coronavirus derived from bats?

◆Problems of the government’s policy of refraining from “going out” and “selling”. – How should each of us deal with it?

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