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Recorded: May 19th, 2020
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What kind of thoughts let people go down to hell? Master teaches us with a lot of examples!

In the spiritual messages, the spirit of Shoko Watanabe appeared and pointed out the mistakes of Hajime Nakamura, who advocated “Buddha is a human” theory and is now unaware of the fact that he’s in hell while calling himself a world authority.

Hajime Nakamura (1912-1999): He was a Japanese Indian philosopher, a Buddhist scholar, and a professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo.

He published many monographs and essays as a global authority on Indian philosophy, Buddhist studies, and studies on comparative philosophy.

He was a rationalist and couldn’t understand and believe in the mystic part of Buddhism, which makes him stay in the Unconscious Hell now.

Shoko Watanabe (1907-1977): He was a Japanese Indian philosopher, Buddhist scholar, and a monk (Shingon sect).

He wrote translations of Buddhist scriptures and specialized papers on Sanskrit Pali.

Also, he severely criticized the present Buddhist order that they are having a strong sense of sect between the sects.
According to Master’s previous spiritual reading of him (10/16/13), he is in the spiritual world that is similar to where Nichiren lives. And he is also said to be one of the disciples of Kukai.


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◆Why is Hajime Nakamura, who stated himself as a global authority of Buddhist studies, wandering in hell?


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