Category: Spiritual Message
Recorded: April 11, 2020
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Now is the time to change public opinions!

In this spiritual message, God Thoth taught us what the future world should look like from a global perspective from the points of Iran, China, Novel Coronavirus, the US, Japan, and so on.

■■ Who is God Thoth?(12,000 years ago) ■■

The great religious master who led the Atlantis civilization to its golden age. He was a super genius who was a religious leader, politician, philosopher, scientist, and artist all in one. Also called the Omniscient and Omnipotent Lord Thoth. Thoth is a (ninth-dimensional) branch spirit of El Cantare, God of the Earth, and is also known as an ancient Egyptian god.

【Specifically Recommended to…】

Not only the members of Happy Science but also to those who are interested in Iran and the Middle East, who want to know the future path of Coronavirus issue, to those who are related to mass media, politics, and etc.

◆Why are there so many infected people in Iran?
◆ What is the current will of Allah?
◆What is the truth of the rumor of China’s virus weapon, China’s plans to spread the virus to Western countries, and the end of infection spread in China?
◆What does God Thoth think about the Coronavirus? – What is the reason for the spread in Italy? What is the relation with the Vatican?
◆Happy Science’s mission is to end the “Crusade War”!


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