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Recorded: January 2nd, 2020
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Master gave us an UFO reading, “UFO Reading – Perspectives and Cosmic battles on 2020 (Metatron [6])” You can hear Metatron’s firm determination to defeat the darkness of the totalitarian state and the universe from this. Let us dedicate our sincere gratitude to the Lord for this precious opportunity.

What is the message from the cosmic messiah who supports the Lord?


Appeared in front of us for the first time on January 1st, 2019.
One of the consciousness of Amor who is from Sagittarius.
One of the soul brothers of Jesus Christ and a seraph (highest rank of the angels).
He appeared around at Mesopotamia and Iraq 6,500 years ago. This is the age before Zoroaster appeared.
His wife is named Yamroze.

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